Thursday, April 2, 2009


22 march 2008 - ok, from now on, my blogs will be prohibited(hopefuly that'll work) about talking about other people or even give my opinion about other people.. easy! no one will get hurt, n i won't be affected by the 'hurt process'.. fullstop! lol ok, now, talking about me, n nothing than me.. as stated on the date(chewaah), it was a sunday, me n a few of my new friends i made(weeeee..!! lol) did a performance on mmu open day at mmu grand hall.. well, i never said anything about this practice before right..?? it's just that i always forget to update my blog la.. hehe.. ok, so, talking about my dancing performance thing.. we had practiced every tuesday n thursday night for a few months now.. on that day, that was my first dance performance i was involved with after for oh-so-long of not dancing in front of public.. lol.. not many people know this, but dancing is somehow one of my passion in life.. when dancing, i can let loose, n be myself n show what i can do best with my body.. hehe.. n it's one way for me to have a few hours away from all the stress in life or studies or whatever shit.. doesn't matter what kind of dancing, i'm on it! even ballroom dancing! which reminds me of the ballroom dancing lesson i wet once with reena.. how funny does that look when ur partner is actually a girl too.. hahaha.. it's ok, but it's weird when other people are bringing their partner during that lesson.. lol.. and without even people knowing it, i am never shy of dancing in front of people.. it's just that people see me as they so-called-shy person n quiet person, that they don't know im capable of doing it.. just ask my closest friends, no one would've thought i could let loose to that point.. lol.. ok, back to my story.. so, yeah, we praticed every week.. n we learned different types of dances, depends on how fast we can catch-up.. mostly we learned traditional dance, cos i think it'll be easier later in the future if they wanted dancers to perform, they don't have to teach everything all over again each time there's performance.. on that day, we performed zapin n canggung dance.. canggung was ok, n for that dance, u need a partner, but i don't find it a big matter, cause who cares, it's a matter of enjoying myself right..??lol.. n for zapin, we didn't have a partner.. but zapin was much more crucial dance than canggung.. zapin really involves a lot of squatting n quicly get up, n squat back, n u need a lot of ATTITUDE.. hehe.. my leg was in pain, that it was hard for me to walk down the stairs.. one of the dancers, nad, had even spraint her ankle, but she still want to perform, so, she performd with a bandaged leg, when everyone else was barefooted.. lol.. but it was great fun.. getting ready was one of the best times la.. getting ready, putting on make-up, doing my hair, was one of the best things.. hahaha.. well, of course apart from dancing cos nothing can beat the feeling when performing on stage.. hahaha...
although a few days before the performance we had some difficulties of getting the steps right, but at last we managed to do it well.. well, it's considered good enough when all of us are amateurs.. lol..
but, it was one hell of a day!! and on that night, i had to be an usher for my second cousins wedding.. well, not a big deal, cos i was only the present-taker.. lol.. n actually i didn't do much.. aadeq did most of the receiving.. i just had to put it in order on the table.. hahaha.. but it was one hell of a day.. super tired.. but it was one great day for me i guess.. i had fun during the, i'm practicing for another performance that i'm going to perform on 22nd april at the grand hall.. buy the tix.. it's only rm5!! hehehehe.. i'll do the opening perfromance, n also the javanese dance.. wich me luck!!! =)

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