Wednesday, May 12, 2010


did u ever think 'MAN, TIME FLIES..' ? well, i'm sure everyone had thought about this before.. and it's something that is in my mind for quite sometime now..

i was cleaning up my room today.. oh speaking of which, FINALLY my room looks like a room now.. i'm back to being a real ANAK DARA now, who loves cleaning.. bahahaha..

ok, back to my story.. so, yeah, while cleaning up the room, i was like looking at the academic calendar that was stuck on the wall above my bed.. well, i love to write notes and highlights on important or great events that happened in my life for that one whole academic year... what i did? how's my studies? when's my midterm? events i'm involved in? important dates like birthdays, etc..

but the funniest was how i love counting days... hahahaha.. and if u read my previous posts, then u would know that i've been through 1050 days of single... i keep track on the days by writing down the days on the academic calendars... and of course after 1050 days of being single.. then i had 117 days of NOT being single, and now i'm already on my 59th day of being single again! and all these figures are all in one academic calendar.. bahahaha..

call me a freak or weirdo, but there's reasons why i love counting all these days.. when u count these days, u start to wonder what did u do every single day of your life... i would start wondering whether i've just wasted my time during that 1050, 117 and 59 days..

and see, how time flies... it's MAY now... this times last year, i had a totally different life....!! gosh!! how things have changed and how life had brought me into series of journey.... some makes me fly high and help me touch the beautiful rainbows, and some just pulled me down real hard till at one point, it's hard for me to get up...

but, that's life..!! and i know life will never stop teaching me and leave me experiencing all these different emotions and situations...

and now, as i am here in my hostel room for the last time since i'll be checking out tomorrow morning, wooahh!! i can't wait for a new semester and having a new room... haha.. look at me, i didn't go back home yet for this trimester break, and yet, i can't wait for next sem.. hahaha...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

how u gonna fix it?

it's that type of pain,

that you feel deep inside.

it's that type of pain,

that makes you pray,

that makes you cry.

but it's going to be alright one day,

this too shall pass

sometimes you gotta go through the pain to experience the joy,

this too shall pass,


-damaged by danity kane-