Wednesday, December 30, 2009

what happen in 6 months?

well..well.. again, i went out and dissapear myself from any updates on my blog.. well, my blog is not that active anyways.. so, it's no biggie if i didn't update it right..?? n reading my last post, which was in! how things have changed since then!!! ahahahaha..

to start with, let's update what happen to BGB n AZ ya! BGB... hmm.. i didn't see him anymore ever since that incident at IKEA, don't know why.. i guess, that's just the way GOD wants me to move on with my life.. oh, i did saw him once.. once at oldtown, n that was when i discover that Taufiq is friends with him.. lol go figure! but who cares about him anymore, right..?? lol

anyways, my life starts to be more exciting ever since then.. a few months later, i started talking to this one ex-schoolmate of mine, or better said a senior of mine.. hmm.. let's call him SENIOR ya.. well, we started talking n messaging lik every single day, n true enough, i started to develop feelings for him.. i'm not gonna lie about that.. but people kept on telling me that i can find someone better than that... n i heard that alot! n of course, i started to have doubts on him.. thinking about the future n stuff.. not that i'm saying that he'll not have a reat future or anything, it's just that i'm afraid that i can't cope with my dreams that i have in the future, if we ever get together.. without me telling him about it, he started to grew apart.. but he's still there alright, but there's less conversation between us..

n i think the only reason we didn't get together or the reason why he still waited for the right moment to make it official between us is the fact thati was waiting for my 1000th day of singlehood... haha.. yeap! i counted my single days.. how's that? lol..

ok, coming back to the story, well.... when we started to grew apart little by little, there's this other guy who came along in my life.. at first, it was just a total fling, n i can totally sense that i guess.. let's not name him just yet ya cos it's gonna be a little more interesting later.. hihihi..

where did i meet him? well, he's also a dancer for SAKTI.. but you wanna know something weird..?? if u ask me to recall what can i remember about him during the festival tari, well, i can't remember anything about him.. seriously, i can't recall him in my memory.. lol.. like KEM said, he's my blindspot.. lol.. n we gre closer since the first sem 2nd year, after the midterm break.. n that was when we started flirting n stuff like that..

true enough, he sometimes text me, but i never really take that seriously.. but i started to feel about weird when he dun mind hanging out with me n my frens.. it's weird considering that a guy that ur jus getting to know would not mind hanging out with ur frens.. n then during his birthday, i did a surprise party for him, considering the fact that a week before that, he joined in the surprise party for kim misa n nurul..

n then, we started to get closer.. hanging out with him almost every night.. n that was when i started to get to know his frens too.. well, his frens are dancers to, so it's not that awkward hanging out with them..

there were time when i felt like, ok, maybe he's not that interested in me.. maybe he really is just flirting with me all this while.. so, there were times when i feel like, that's it! i'm soooo over him.. what's the point of waiting for a guy who is not showing signs that he wanted me the way i want him right.. but that was when he'll be even closer to me.. n yeah, i had lost to my own feelings, n yeah the feelings were developing even greater than before.. lol

but i know, that he's not gonna make our relationship official anytime soon.. so, i was just holding on the thoughts to myself.

n then, my birthday came along... at 12 a.m on 18th nov, which was my birthday, they made a surprise for me at buddies.. n that was when SENIOR came in the picture.. he came all the way to cyber, just to see me, n give me roses n chocs for me... how sweet is that.. n that made me a little bit restless after SENIOR went back, because i was hoping that the guy that i was liking would do something sweet for me.. bt then, it ended up, that SENIOR guy was making the move.. huhuhu..

HOWEVER..... after the surprise, when we were going back to the hostel, with only kem, me n that guy in the car, that guy told me that he wanted to talk to me n just hang out a little bit more with me before i went back to the hostel.. i'm so fine with it, because i can sense he wanted to tell me something even before we're going back to the hostel.. so, after sending off kem to the hostel, we head off to oldtown, only th two of us.. n that was around 4 in the morning.. i can sense that he was restless at the time.. but i was just keeping my cool, n i didn't say anything much.. hihi..

after almost one hour of being restless n me just keeping my cool,(lol), he blurted it out.. he wanted to make it official between us n he wanted to make me his special someone.. hihihihihiihihihhi.. n guess what's my answer is....

OF COURSE I'LL SAY YES!!!!!! hahahhaa.. but i jus didn't tell him directly, i wrote it on the oldtown ordering paper n gave it to him... hik2.. how sweet can i be..???? lol

so, yeah i can soooo name him now... he's my BOOBOO!!!!! hahaha.. finally we're officially together.. n after 1050 days of being single, i finally met my knight in shining armour @ hero @ edward cullen, whichever i prefer like calling.. lol..

of course i'm sooo totally into him!!! for me, the great thins about being with him is that we love each other n stuff, but we still have other responsibilities and things to do apart from being together.. that is the one thing that i was finding really hard in any guy that i met.. cos i'm not a clingy person, n i sooo do not want a clingy, yeah, he fits in perfectly... n I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!! hihihi.. we've been on this road together for 1 month plus now, it's still a very raw n fresh relationships, so yeah everything is still sailing smoothly n hoping it'll stay like that.. ihihi..

n that's one of the best story to wrap up 2009.... eventhough it contradicts my 2009's resolution, which was to not go looking for a bf, but hey, i'm super..super..happy about it...

hoping that i will keep updating my blog from now on.. lol..

-the end-

LOVING U MY BOOBOO!(u know who u r) =)