Saturday, June 19, 2010

-new phase-

well..well.. this post is especially to a friend of mine who have always been asking me to update my blog n post on the latest story about my life.. what happened after the whole heartbreak thing... how am i been coping up with life? and who is the new BOYFIE i've been mentioning a lot of times on my twitter.. hihi..

ok, let's start on what happened after the whole heart break thing.. well, life was a bit hard for me actually. i guess u can see it from my previous posts where it was mostly about me emoing and stuff like that.. hehe..

after that whole dark spot in my life, i tried to get things right for myself, so i make new friends, i got closer to people who have been around me before this but i less care about..

it was okay at first, despite i still can't get over him before this.. but the situation was not to my liking because, without me doing anything wrong, there's people who still offered me their heart and soul.. ok, maybe that's too much.. but there were people who were showing their concern to me by offering me their hand..

who were the people.. well, let's just me and the people i'm referrig to knows about it.. cosif i'm gonna tell the story of every guy, oh, it's gonna be a super long one.. hehehe..

but seriously, i am very thankful for all these people who have ben very kind to me during the hard times i had.. and i am so sorry cos i just can't move on to another guy just like that. i need time, and you guys are the best at it.. you guys are the most patient people i've ever met..

but, i just can't let go of my past just like that cos i still believe in what i had.. ok, so, let's move on to another story.. if you want to know more about it than u just have to talk to me about it..

ok, anyways..... in this new life and new phase that i am in.... yes, i am happy with it.. and yes, i have moved on.. and yes, i am now in a relationship with someone right now.. and yes, it's gonna be a secret one... not many people might know about this...

heheh.. "who's the guy?" you might ask.. well, let's just say his someone from the past that i love dearly whom i've always believed is my soulmate, and the guy i wanna be married to... and i am so happy with what i have now.. and i thank god for my prayers have been answered.. =)

we are keeping this a secret from the public cos i don't know.. i don't want it to be jinx.. it's better if no one knows about us, and we'll keep it cool about it... when the right time comes, then we will reveal it to our friends.. but for now, only closed friends might know about us, or people who might've seen us together, but that is a very rare case for we seldom go out 'dating' like people always call it.. hehe...

for now, we are both trying to fix and patch up all the mistakes and our own attitude towards the relationship.. hopefully we're taking this more seriously than before..

oh, i think i've revealed too much.. but what i can say is my new boyfriend is not the same boyfriend i had in the past.. this man i love is a guy who i think are trying to make this relationship works and he is also someone who appreciates me more than the guy before this..

so, that's it.. that's all i can tell u.. it's a secret relationship that i have, and this one is a more colourful and vibrant relationship than the plain and effortless relationship i had before.. i love you, boyfie... eventhough right this moment i'm starting to get irritated for the fact that u didn't reply my text! hehe...