Monday, November 24, 2008


well, today is the 24th day in the month of november.. and that means, it's NIK AFIFAH NIK A MAJID'S(a.k.a my sis) birthday!!! woohoo!!! hehehehe.. well, too bad i couldn't celebrate it with her and the whole family because she's now in johore.. hehehehe.. anyway, happy birthday, sis! hope u'll have a gr8 day today.. eventhough sometimes we had some fights that made us bang to the door like crazy, but you are still my sis who i look up to my whole life.. for me, you're the coolest sister anyone could ever have.. many people said it's cool to have a sister than a big brother, because with a sister, it's easier to talk to and stuff.. and yes, that is soo true.. i'm glad i have a great sis like u..!! ngeeee..!!! and even knowing u as the paparazzi of the family, (because u'll start tellling mama about the new hot story that's happening around the family) aadeq n i still talked to u about most of the stuff... hehehehe.. and eventhough u hate when both of us started saying i love u to u, bcos u dun like the sound of it, but, i know u still love us dearly.. awwww... heheheh... neway, hope u'll have a great bb-day today, with ur colleagues in johore.. hahaha.. I LOVE U..!! lol

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'M NOT JEALOUS..urrmmm.. i think

last night i was chatting with my friend on ym.. then, all of a sudden, the story of my ex suddenly appeared.. which ex..?? urmm.. the last ex.. the one who when he first came in to the school thought i had a crush on him, and he didn't talk to me at all, just because of that, until he found out that i liked someone else.. sheeessshh!! and at last, he fell for me, right..?? huh! and yes, this is a true story, because it was so obious because before that he didn't talk to me at all, when he was closed to evryone around me.. and when the story about i liked someone else was told to him, on that same day, he can simply come and sit beside me when the sit's empty.. now, that was funny moment.. now, to make things easier, let's call him..urmm.. PERASAN GUY, or jus PG.. hehhe.. ok, back to the story about my friend, she told me that she saw PG with his current gf walking around in midvalley.. and that was not the first time i heard about that story of him walking around hand-in-hand with that girl (and, oh, fyi, that girl was also my schoolmate, but he had a crush on her for a long time, but after form 5 ended, an our relationship ended only when they got to know themselves better, plus, last time, that girl had a bf =p) TONS of my friends saw him with her, and even my sister had seen them before together.. i didn;t see him on that day when my sis saw him, just because we took separate ways, because she went walking with her cousin.. hehehhe.. and this problem of seeing him around, is not a problem to me at all.. what seems to be my problem is that i knew he would think that i'm still all alone, and i'm still stuck on the memories of us, when i don't even bother about his life at all..!! i mean, hello! we didn't hae any memories at all together, because for a relationship that only lasted for 3 WEEKS, n i broke up with him, was kinda short to even have the chance to gather the memories.. we didn't even had the chance to go out on a proper date.. geeshh.. what bothers me so much was that, we were close as friends before this, and suddenly, evrything's over..?? i mean, we still talk to each other after we broke up, but he kept on talking about how's my life doing..?? and do i have anyone new in my life.. sheeshh.. like that is the most important thing in my life at that moment.. and, now, it's almost a year now since we last talked to each other.. and i know, if.... AND IF, i ever bumped to him one fine day walking with tha girl, i will know exactly what will be playing in his head... cos it's written evrything on his face.. so, now i'm really hoping to not see him at all, because it'll cause me a very crucial heart-ache if i saw his face.. ugghhhh!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


well, anyone didn't know, i celebrated my 19th birthday last tuesday.. yeay, me!! hahah.. before my birthday, yes, i was feeling very..very..down.. i didn't know why i felt that way, but i felt like i was left all alone in this world, because my friends would be busy with their own lives.. hurmm.. but, that ended on the day of my birthday.. to start with, the night before my birthday.. i was going out to have dinner with reena n rema that night when nini insisted on us going to the curve to watch a movie, and eat there.. i don't mind going there, wel, because, since i felt like no one would be celebrating my birthday, i just agreed to the plan, since, well, if anyone asked me, at least i could say that i watched a movie with my friends.. heheh.. it was 10 pm when we arrived there, and me, reena n rema were so damn hungry, because i was fasting that day, and i didn't have the chance to break fast properly, bcos after my class ended at 7 pm, reena, nini, me, n derryck, went to the track cos we planned to go jogging there.. hehehehe.. so, when we arrived at the curve, it was kinda late, so, most of the shops there were closed, only some other restaurants at THE STREET.. we didn't know where to eat there in the first place, but then, reena suggested we'll go to bubba gump shrimp because she said she went to that place pnce with her mom.. so, ok la, if the food is nice.. hehehe.. so, when we saw that restaurant, i saw that te place was like packing up.. so, i told them we need to go n find some other place.. so, we ended up eating the cakes at starbucks.. what happened to the movie plan u might ask.. hurmm.. nini said she's not sure where's the movie thatre.. if u asked me, i wouldn't know either.. because, eventhough i've been in the curve for a few times, i never tried exploring that place, bcos evrytime i went there, i would only go to the place where i planned to go.. like accompanying my mom do her facial there, or just went there for dinner around the street.. so, wen ended up sitting at starbucks there.. but, it was kind of weird because nini insisted in going to bubba gump, where for me, the place was closing.. but, since she said it's still opened, so, we went back there, and yes, it is open.. and, surprise..surprise.. kim, nisa, bear hana n ikkey were there sitting in the restaurant.. and obviously they were waiting for us there.. and obviously again, i sensed something going on here.. but i just ignore that senses, and enjoyed the food there.. when the clock struck 12 am, martin n nits called me, and made them the first people to wish me on my birthday.. hehehehe.. while i was talking to martin nnits on th ephone, suddenly the waiters at bubba gump was shouting n screaming something, which i was not so sure about.. and at that moment, the line was disconnected, so i hung up the phone, and looked that they were surprising me with some kind of ritual and tradition there in bubba gump, and i had to stand on the chair..!! hahaha.. and they were stomping around and they were saying about it's my birthday today.. and one of my favourite part would be when they were like singing "if u want this birthday cake, u must shake ur booty" or something like that.. hahahahhahaha.. and as i am trying to be a sport, i did shake my booty.. hahahahaahah.. now, that was funny.. embarassing, not really, because i'm soo happy because people do remmbr my birthday.. huhuhu.. and that was one of the best times of the day.. and after eating the cake, we went back to mmu..hihihihi.. and i was soo happy.. hehehe.. ok, the next day, my classes were so packed the whole day, so no time to go and celebrate or anything.. but, reena promised me that all 3 of us go out for dinnere, and of course, i didn't mind.. hehehe.. so, that night, after my class, i was waiting for them to ask me out for the dinner, but until 8.30, they still didn't text me to ajak me out.. and i was soo hungry at that time.. so, i text reena, and asked where were they, because i was soo hungry.. and she tols me that she got some SIFE meeting.. hurmm.. since she had that meeting thing, so it's ok la.. then around 9 pm, then only reena told me that their ready now, and i can go to the parking place first to take my car..
all the way to my car, i was texting li bing, and when i arrived at my car, i received a text from reena, and she said she's just behind my car, and there she was.. and you know what more exciting..?? THE MALACCAN PEEPS WERE HERE..!! their here in cyber, to surprised me.. aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!!!! omg! that's the best surprise ever.. evry single of them were here, nits, martin, ivan, losh, and other people who were there too were derryck and the other loshini.. that was very exciting.. hahahahah.. so, ivan told us that we'll go out to some mamak stall and grab some dinner there.. hehehe.. so, all together 3 cars went down to subang, while derryck lead us with his car.. and so much for a mamak stall, they brought me to TGI FRIDAY in subang parade.. sheeessshh.. hehehehe.. so, we had dinner there, and another surprise for me was that they gave me a gift.. they gave me an ESPRIT WATCH.. hehehehe.. my god thanks alot guys.. hehehe.. and oh my god, the night didn't ended there.. the tgi crew surprised me when they came around the table and asked me to stand on my chair.. and AGAIN, i had to stand on the chair.. hahahah.. they gave me the ketchup bottle and suddenly asked me to sing a song.. what the hell...??? i never, i repeat NEVER sang in public in my whole entire life.. so, i refused to sing, and i said i prefer dancing.. and they won't let me do it.. sheeessshh.. and i refused to sing.. and at last they asked me to give a 2 minutes speech.. hahahah.. nw that's better.. so, i was babbling on, and at last i got my cake.. and there's another catch.. they asked me to blow the candle when i was standing like 2 feet away from the cake.. how am i suppose to do that.. so, the funny part would be, i was trying to blow the candle, and i tried waving my hand, just in case it'll work.. hahahah.. and at last they put the cake nearer to me.. hihihihihi.. and at last, they sang to me some birthday song, tgif version.. heheheh.. and obviously that was the best day ever in my whole entire life.. haha.. and the best part would be when we got 20% discount because the manager(i think) in tgif was ragu's cousin.. oh, didn't i mentioned, ragu n raghu joined in for the surprise birthday party.. hehehehe.. thanx a lot ya ragu!! hahahah.. ok, not only ragu, i thanked all of them, reena, rema, nits, martin, ivan, the two loshinis, ragu n raghu.. haishh.. u guys are the best la weyh.. oh, not to forget my friends who surprised me earlier, nini, kim, nisa, bear, ikkey n hana.. all of u guys are the best of friends ever.. the sacrifices u made to come down to cyber and around kl jus for the sake of my birthday and making me happy on that special day was the most priceless thing i've ever received from any friends i have. thanx a lot guys..!! i love ya guys a lot.. n owh ya, people who wished me on my birthday via sms, facebook, friendster or myspace - thanx 4 the wishes.. hihihihi.. and for the first time after a few gloomy days for me, at last i was smiling in my sleep.. hihihihi.. and oh ya, a quick one.. besides getting all the gifts and love from my friends, i realised something new in my life.. the hint is butterflies are starting to live again in my stomach.. hahahah..!! next time i'll tell u more about that story, because i need to reassure my situation and the future that might happened... hehehe

Sunday, November 16, 2008


last friday, me, reena, rema, n loshini drove down to malacca to have a surprise part for nitasha.. well, since it's called a surprise party, we told nitasha that we couldn't make it to malacca to celebrate her birthday.. i told her that i had some futsal thing on saturday (which is kinda true), n d rest made some very gr8 excuses.. actually, most of the excuses are not made up.. like, i really have futsal thing on saturday, n reena had some family thing on d same day.. so, actually, we couldn't really make it to malacca, bt since, it's for our dearest friend, we eventually work it out, without having to skip the events that we have to attend.. hihihihi.. so, we left for malacca on friday (since the surprise is on friday night, but note that her birthday is on saturday) afternoon n we arrived there around 3.. martin warned us earlier that we should not be seen near ixora or mmu area, bcos there's possibilities that nitasha might see us there, n if she did see us, the surprise will be ruined.. huhuhu.. anyways, when we arrived there, rema went n surprised her bf first at EP, n martin was waiting for us there too.. after that, we went n meet up with ivan n hima n we lepak and eat at the indian restaurant near that area bcos me n reena were soo damn hungry because we didn't eat the whole morning.. haishh.. so, after that, me, reena, ivan n martin went out around malacca.. hima went back home because he said he's not feeling well.. so, we drove around malacca and ivan said that he wanted to get new piercing at his lower lip.. we went to dataran pahlawan and went to TRIBE n he went and get his lip pierced.. at times we were thinking what nitasha did in ixora, becuase martin purposely fought with nitasha n made him sent her back to her place... so, as we were having fun walking around malacca, she was feeling sad in ixora and thinking why her friends didn't bother coming down for her birthday.. hehehehe.. so, after that, around 7, we went back to martin's place, since his place was empty, we sat there n watched madagascar from my laptop, and around 10 we got ready for the night.. we were planning to go out and eat first somewhere that area, after we pick up hima, but unfortunately, we dodn't know what happened we waited for him for 20 minutes, and it was 11.15 already when he showed up.. so, we thought of grabbing something near the surprise place, but then we had to pick up rema n her bf, and we were stuck there again for about 15 minutes, and there goes our dinner... hahaha.. owh ya, did i mentioned how the plan worked..?? well, martin planned and told nitasha earlier that he is taking her to bamboo hut, a restaurant near a'famosa, and they will have dinner there.. at 12 midnight sharp, we would go in the restaurant, and surprised her with the cake, and of course alll of her closest friends.. so, since we were kinda late to meet up outside the restaurant, we didn't get to grab something to eat, we were hungry, but luckily we made it on time before the surprise.. so, when we went in the place, she was obviously very shocked.. she was screaming the whole time, and yeay! the surprise went well, i mean, it went perfectly.. hahahaha.. haishh. how lucky nitsha is, having a great bf planning for her birthday.. he planned this party for more than one month.. he even tried to get her dad to come down n join us for the surprise, but then her dad couldn't make it, for some reasons.. huhhuuh.. man, one lucky girl nitasha is to find a very great bf.. they look so good together , n i couldn't imagine what would happen if something happened between the two of them..huhuhu.. anyway, he had a lot of fun that night but somehow i felt soo lonely.. u see, like i said before this, all of them have someone special in their life, so i was like left alone ther cos obviously they need to spend time with their bfs bcos they didn't always come down to malacca.. so, that night, it was only me n ivan there without THE OTHER HALF.. but i didn't feel so gr8 about it because ivan was not in the mood, bcos he got some probs with his girl, and i was practically left alone.. i was only the driver for the night.. i know at times, reena tried to pull me up to not make me soo left out, but i didn't need anyone sympathy and i didn't want them to feel sorry for me.. i mean, this was thei chance to spend time with their bfs.. it's kinda my own problem about the loneliness thing.. haishh.. and even better, i drove back to kl alone, bcos reena went to her aunt's place, n rema wanted to stay another day there.. so, at some point i broke down in the car and listened to some emo songs in the car.. haishh.. what a life..!! i know i got to stop feeling sorry for myself, and try to have fun with life.. but, gee, i couldn't help it.. huhuhuhuhu.. but, i shouldn't show it in front of them, because i should be happy for them.. i mean, i am happy for them, but then, i couldn't help it but have this naughty thoughts in my head.. ok, enough of that thing... well, after i got back from malacca, i was suppose to go for the futsal thing, but then, i was so tired so i slept the whole entire evening, and i woke up at 7 pm.. hahahaa.. and then, around 10 something i slept again.. my god.. i don't know why i'm so tired that day.. huhuhuhu.. mayb bcos of hte driving and lack of sleep 2 nights in a row.. hihihihihi..
but, it's all worth it, looking at nitasha's surprised face.. =) happy birthday girl!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Love Story
by Taylor Swift

We were both young when I first saw you

I close my eyes and the flashbacks start

I'm standing there

On a balcony in summer air

See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns

I see you make your way through the crowd

And say hello

Little did I know

That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles

And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet"

And I was crying on the staircase

Begging you, please don't go

And I said

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone

I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess

It's a love story

Baby, just say yes

So, I sneak out to the garden to see you

We keep quiet cause we're dead if they knew

So close your eyes

Escape this town for a little while

Oh oh

Cause you were Romeo, I was the scarlet letter

And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet"

But you were everything to me

I was begging you, please don't go

And I said

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone

I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess

It's a love story

Baby, just say yes

Romeo, save me

They try to tell me how I feel

This love is difficult, but it's real

Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess

It's a love story

Baby, just say yes

Oh oh

I got tired of waiting

Wondering if you were ever coming around

My faith in you is fading

When I met you on the outskirts of town

And I said

Romeo, save me

I've been feeling so alone

I keep waiting for you, but you never come

Is this in my head

I don't know what to think

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring

And said

Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone

I love you and that's all I really know

I talked to your dad

Go pick out a white dress

It's a love story

Baby, just say yes

Oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

'Cause we were both young when I first saw you

Now, this is like one of the sweetest song i've ever heard.. it's about a girl who's in love with the guy, but their relationship was not agreed by her parents, so they have to do whatever they can to save and to cherish their love.. my favourite part of this song would be "Romeo, save me,
I've been feeling so alone, I keep waiting for you, but you never come".. cos i think it suits me pretty well, as you know, i'm waiting for MY ROMEO to come, but he's still hadn't showed up yet.. so, i'll keep on waiting.. ok,ok.. stop emoing and say all this nonsense.. hehehehe..
well, talking about this song, it's a very wonderful song, and it's a very beautiful song.. i've always love taylor swift, and i am pretty sure this will be another hit from her.. =)

p/s: i didn't post the video clip here, cos feeling lazy to upload it.. lol.. sorry..!! =p

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


ok, all this while,if ppl notice, i've been wearing two rings on my right hand.. one is my sister's ring, bt she didn't wear it anymore, so i took it =p, n another one is from my ex.. yes, my ex.. the last boyfriend i had almost two years ago.. lol.. well, don't get me wrong here.. i wore that ring all tis while, is not because i couldn't get over him.. oh, trust me, the day we broke up, was the day i forgot evrything about him.. heheh... not to be rude, or being arrogant, but, we are so meant to be friends only, and the idea of going to the next level in our relationship was a big NO-NO.. hehehe.. plus, he got a new gf now, the girl he had been waiting for even before he got to know me more.. hehehe.. ok, so now, let's talk about the ring.. he gave me that ring as a sign of our relationship thing, or whatever crap it represented.. so, after we broke-up, i stopped wearing the ring for quite some time cos i was planning to gie it back to him.. i mean, it's not some cikai ring, you know.. well, it didn't cost thousands of ringgit, but it's not that cheap after all, that's what i was told by my friends who helped him pick the ring.. heheheh.. hurmm... anyway, when i was giving it back to him, he said i should keep it, so, being a sport, i kept it in the box.. but after some time, i was thinking to myself, why should i keep the ring inside the box, when someone bough the ring specially for me.. so, since the ring was for me, no longer a sign of our LOVE or anything, so i put it back on my finger.. you could notice the ring in most of my pictures, the one i wore it on the moddle finger.. hehehehe.. so, after some time, i mean, after almost two years after we broke up (oh, did i mentioned the relationship only lasted for 3 weeks.. huhuhu), finally i realised.. maybe the ring still does represent love between us.. oh, how should i put this.. ok, maybe the ring does represent that i am still attached to him in away.. ok, not emotionally, but physically, as the ring was on my finger 24/7.. heheheh.. so, finally, i've made up my mind, i took it off, and there's no more ring on my middle finger.. yeay!! in away, spiritually, i feel like, i am being the whole me again, without any attachment, because everytime people saw me around wearing that ring, they would say that i was engaged, mainly because the ring do look like an enagement ring.. hehehehe.. so, now i've kept it somewhere out of my site (hurmm.. i wonder where did i put the ring???) , so now i am spiritually, physically mentally, and evrything soo totally not attached.. and i think because of that aura i was spreading out, i guess people saw it, and i'm full of confidence of myslef again.. yeay, me!! so, the moral of the story is, don't ever wear something that was given by your ex, even if you guys are so cool as friends.. hehehehe.. owh, and one more good thing abut letting it go is dat, my hand feels much lighter than before.. lol.. haish, i shouldn't have worn it back earlier.. hahaha.. funny..funny.. =)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

something sweet.. at last!!

u know what..?? i realised something.. most of the time i write down in my blog, it was mostly about how devastating my life is and so on.. but, it's weird when i didn't recall talking about the wonderful side of my life.. it's like my blog was mostly about the sour scene, instead of the sweetsourscene i'm trying to put it in here.. so, where's the sweet scene..?? hurmm.. it's somewhere, but i was too blind to realized it all this while cos the image of pathetic life was all around me.. but, now, right this moment, i have something sweet to tell.. hehehee.. well, the results of my 1st semester 1 year degree was out today.. i jus chcked my results around 7 pm something.. bcos, 1, because i didn't realised my phone battery died, plus, my phone was in my handbag since last night.. (see, it shows that my phone is not my whole entire life, like some people may say..) plus, i was not online the whole entire day because i was watching tv the whole day, and in the evening, it was raining heavily in bangsar here, so, i couldn't be online.. so, i managed to go online only after 7 pm.. and when i checked in the mmu bulletin board, they said that the results are out on the 5th, which is tomorrow.. and after changing my status in facebook, someone who was soo nice to tell me that the results are actually out today.. hahahaha.. look how far i was ketinggalan.. and because i did not checked my phone te whole day, it made me blocked away from the outside world.. hahaha.. my friends actually send me messages talking about the results.. pfft.. and i thought i knew it first.. lol..
so, anyway, i checked the results, and thank to GOD, i passed all the papers.. hahahaha.. what's my score and the CGPA, hurmm.. let it be my own secret, ok.. let's just say that the results could help me remain as a ytm scholarship holder, which was one of my biggest concern about the results because i don't wanna let my family down.. =) and another main concerned i have was i need to score well this sem, because, if not, it's going to be tough for me to score better next time in the future semesters to come.. so, i thank GOD a lot.. how lucky i am, because i know i am not the best human being in the world, but HE still helped me with all the troubles i have all this time.. ALHAMDULILLAH.. hurmm.. and you wanna know something sweeter..?? after getting the results, it really made me think, pfftt..