Sunday, November 16, 2008


last friday, me, reena, rema, n loshini drove down to malacca to have a surprise part for nitasha.. well, since it's called a surprise party, we told nitasha that we couldn't make it to malacca to celebrate her birthday.. i told her that i had some futsal thing on saturday (which is kinda true), n d rest made some very gr8 excuses.. actually, most of the excuses are not made up.. like, i really have futsal thing on saturday, n reena had some family thing on d same day.. so, actually, we couldn't really make it to malacca, bt since, it's for our dearest friend, we eventually work it out, without having to skip the events that we have to attend.. hihihihi.. so, we left for malacca on friday (since the surprise is on friday night, but note that her birthday is on saturday) afternoon n we arrived there around 3.. martin warned us earlier that we should not be seen near ixora or mmu area, bcos there's possibilities that nitasha might see us there, n if she did see us, the surprise will be ruined.. huhuhu.. anyways, when we arrived there, rema went n surprised her bf first at EP, n martin was waiting for us there too.. after that, we went n meet up with ivan n hima n we lepak and eat at the indian restaurant near that area bcos me n reena were soo damn hungry because we didn't eat the whole morning.. haishh.. so, after that, me, reena, ivan n martin went out around malacca.. hima went back home because he said he's not feeling well.. so, we drove around malacca and ivan said that he wanted to get new piercing at his lower lip.. we went to dataran pahlawan and went to TRIBE n he went and get his lip pierced.. at times we were thinking what nitasha did in ixora, becuase martin purposely fought with nitasha n made him sent her back to her place... so, as we were having fun walking around malacca, she was feeling sad in ixora and thinking why her friends didn't bother coming down for her birthday.. hehehehe.. so, after that, around 7, we went back to martin's place, since his place was empty, we sat there n watched madagascar from my laptop, and around 10 we got ready for the night.. we were planning to go out and eat first somewhere that area, after we pick up hima, but unfortunately, we dodn't know what happened we waited for him for 20 minutes, and it was 11.15 already when he showed up.. so, we thought of grabbing something near the surprise place, but then we had to pick up rema n her bf, and we were stuck there again for about 15 minutes, and there goes our dinner... hahaha.. owh ya, did i mentioned how the plan worked..?? well, martin planned and told nitasha earlier that he is taking her to bamboo hut, a restaurant near a'famosa, and they will have dinner there.. at 12 midnight sharp, we would go in the restaurant, and surprised her with the cake, and of course alll of her closest friends.. so, since we were kinda late to meet up outside the restaurant, we didn't get to grab something to eat, we were hungry, but luckily we made it on time before the surprise.. so, when we went in the place, she was obviously very shocked.. she was screaming the whole time, and yeay! the surprise went well, i mean, it went perfectly.. hahahaha.. haishh. how lucky nitsha is, having a great bf planning for her birthday.. he planned this party for more than one month.. he even tried to get her dad to come down n join us for the surprise, but then her dad couldn't make it, for some reasons.. huhhuuh.. man, one lucky girl nitasha is to find a very great bf.. they look so good together , n i couldn't imagine what would happen if something happened between the two of them..huhuhu.. anyway, he had a lot of fun that night but somehow i felt soo lonely.. u see, like i said before this, all of them have someone special in their life, so i was like left alone ther cos obviously they need to spend time with their bfs bcos they didn't always come down to malacca.. so, that night, it was only me n ivan there without THE OTHER HALF.. but i didn't feel so gr8 about it because ivan was not in the mood, bcos he got some probs with his girl, and i was practically left alone.. i was only the driver for the night.. i know at times, reena tried to pull me up to not make me soo left out, but i didn't need anyone sympathy and i didn't want them to feel sorry for me.. i mean, this was thei chance to spend time with their bfs.. it's kinda my own problem about the loneliness thing.. haishh.. and even better, i drove back to kl alone, bcos reena went to her aunt's place, n rema wanted to stay another day there.. so, at some point i broke down in the car and listened to some emo songs in the car.. haishh.. what a life..!! i know i got to stop feeling sorry for myself, and try to have fun with life.. but, gee, i couldn't help it.. huhuhuhuhu.. but, i shouldn't show it in front of them, because i should be happy for them.. i mean, i am happy for them, but then, i couldn't help it but have this naughty thoughts in my head.. ok, enough of that thing... well, after i got back from malacca, i was suppose to go for the futsal thing, but then, i was so tired so i slept the whole entire evening, and i woke up at 7 pm.. hahahaa.. and then, around 10 something i slept again.. my god.. i don't know why i'm so tired that day.. huhuhuhu.. mayb bcos of hte driving and lack of sleep 2 nights in a row.. hihihihihi..
but, it's all worth it, looking at nitasha's surprised face.. =) happy birthday girl!!

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