Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'M NOT JEALOUS..urrmmm.. i think

last night i was chatting with my friend on ym.. then, all of a sudden, the story of my ex suddenly appeared.. which ex..?? urmm.. the last ex.. the one who when he first came in to the school thought i had a crush on him, and he didn't talk to me at all, just because of that, until he found out that i liked someone else.. sheeessshh!! and at last, he fell for me, right..?? huh! and yes, this is a true story, because it was so obious because before that he didn't talk to me at all, when he was closed to evryone around me.. and when the story about i liked someone else was told to him, on that same day, he can simply come and sit beside me when the sit's empty.. now, that was funny moment.. now, to make things easier, let's call him..urmm.. PERASAN GUY, or jus PG.. hehhe.. ok, back to the story about my friend, she told me that she saw PG with his current gf walking around in midvalley.. and that was not the first time i heard about that story of him walking around hand-in-hand with that girl (and, oh, fyi, that girl was also my schoolmate, but he had a crush on her for a long time, but after form 5 ended, an our relationship ended only when they got to know themselves better, plus, last time, that girl had a bf =p) TONS of my friends saw him with her, and even my sister had seen them before together.. i didn;t see him on that day when my sis saw him, just because we took separate ways, because she went walking with her cousin.. hehehhe.. and this problem of seeing him around, is not a problem to me at all.. what seems to be my problem is that i knew he would think that i'm still all alone, and i'm still stuck on the memories of us, when i don't even bother about his life at all..!! i mean, hello! we didn't hae any memories at all together, because for a relationship that only lasted for 3 WEEKS, n i broke up with him, was kinda short to even have the chance to gather the memories.. we didn't even had the chance to go out on a proper date.. geeshh.. what bothers me so much was that, we were close as friends before this, and suddenly, evrything's over..?? i mean, we still talk to each other after we broke up, but he kept on talking about how's my life doing..?? and do i have anyone new in my life.. sheeshh.. like that is the most important thing in my life at that moment.. and, now, it's almost a year now since we last talked to each other.. and i know, if.... AND IF, i ever bumped to him one fine day walking with tha girl, i will know exactly what will be playing in his head... cos it's written evrything on his face.. so, now i'm really hoping to not see him at all, because it'll cause me a very crucial heart-ache if i saw his face.. ugghhhh!!

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