Tuesday, November 4, 2008

something sweet.. at last!!

u know what..?? i realised something.. most of the time i write down in my blog, it was mostly about how devastating my life is and so on.. but, it's weird when i didn't recall talking about the wonderful side of my life.. it's like my blog was mostly about the sour scene, instead of the sweetsourscene i'm trying to put it in here.. so, where's the sweet scene..?? hurmm.. it's somewhere, but i was too blind to realized it all this while cos the image of pathetic life was all around me.. but, now, right this moment, i have something sweet to tell.. hehehee.. well, the results of my 1st semester 1 year degree was out today.. i jus chcked my results around 7 pm something.. bcos, 1, because i didn't realised my phone battery died, plus, my phone was in my handbag since last night.. (see, it shows that my phone is not my whole entire life, like some people may say..) plus, i was not online the whole entire day because i was watching tv the whole day, and in the evening, it was raining heavily in bangsar here, so, i couldn't be online.. so, i managed to go online only after 7 pm.. and when i checked in the mmu bulletin board, they said that the results are out on the 5th, which is tomorrow.. and after changing my status in facebook, someone who was soo nice to tell me that the results are actually out today.. hahahaha.. look how far i was ketinggalan.. and because i did not checked my phone te whole day, it made me blocked away from the outside world.. hahaha.. my friends actually send me messages talking about the results.. pfft.. and i thought i knew it first.. lol..
so, anyway, i checked the results, and thank to GOD, i passed all the papers.. hahahaha.. what's my score and the CGPA, hurmm.. let it be my own secret, ok.. let's just say that the results could help me remain as a ytm scholarship holder, which was one of my biggest concern about the results because i don't wanna let my family down.. =) and another main concerned i have was i need to score well this sem, because, if not, it's going to be tough for me to score better next time in the future semesters to come.. so, i thank GOD a lot.. how lucky i am, because i know i am not the best human being in the world, but HE still helped me with all the troubles i have all this time.. ALHAMDULILLAH.. hurmm.. and you wanna know something sweeter..?? after getting the results, it really made me think, pfftt..

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