Thursday, October 30, 2008

don't mess with my sisters!!

u know what..?? there's one characteristic that i notice about myself is that i am a very protective person, especially when it comes to family.. i love them soo much that if anyone, and i mean ANYONE, who messes with them, especially my younger sister, will absolutely, 100%, without doubt, will kena from me right at that moment.. i'v experienced a vey bad situation 2 years back that really hit me, and ever since that, if anyone messes with my younger sister will make me soo furious that they will have to deal with me.. let's not remind me on the situation that i experienced before this.. you might say that i am just bullshitting or jus talking on thin air, but when the real thing happenning in front of me, i would not do as what i said here.. oh, no, u got that wrong..!! i used to confront a boy who without no valid reason and being soooo immature of him saying all this crap about my sister.. well, i think if i explained here on what he said, i am surely anyone will be soo furious about it, and i guess, will do the same thing.. ughhhh!!! thinking about that boy really reminds me of the situaion i had before, cos they are two both same guys who didn't use their heads to think on what they are saying.. ughh.. i hate them!!!! not that i don't protect my older sister, but i know she don't think i'm capable of coping with any of her problems, as i am so-called younger than her and i don't have much experienced in life than her.. actually, without her knowing this, i think i know a lot of stuff about life without even having to experienced it myself.. i'm not trying to brag about this, but i think because i love to read soo much, that i think somehow, in some part i learn more about life from the books i've read.. ok, mayb i don't read thirty or forty books a month, but somehow, the books that i have read thought me much, and plus with my own experienced, i think i am able to hear her problems.. ok, let's not drag out this story about my older sister for too long.. let's focus on my younger sister.. now, she's having another problem.. her new boyfriend doesn't seem to trust her in certain way.. isn't it stupid to imagine this : she was running to pick up her phone because he was calling, and when she picked up the phone, obviously she was breathing hard on the phone, and at the same time, he said he overheard a male's voice from the phone.. and you know whose voice is that..?? MY DAD..?? omg!! what an idiot!!( mind my words) how could u think that she was cheating on you when actually the voice was our dad's voice..??? what the hell is that.. no offense to anyone who reads this, but i really hate guys who didn't trust his gf and making accustaions just because of some silly things.. i think this all started when her ex-bf came and see her current bf and said that she is not easy to be taken care of..??? eh, hello..?? this one is another stupid guy..??? STUPID!STUPID!STUPID! is it wrong to talk to other guys who is just a friend..?? so, talking to another guy or making friends with guys from other school which they met in tuition classes (and that is far as they go) measn that my sister is hard to e taken care of.. well guess what, boy! u r no one in our life.. and no one gives you or ask you to take care of my sis.. hello, u're just her bf, not her husband..?? please find the definition of taking care first before you said it.. by the way, the reason u and her broke off is because your stupi attitude yourself!! u gon and flirt with other girls and there are a lot of proof in front of our eyes, oh, and even better, flirting with her own cousin, o, which by the way, didn't warned my sister at all about this situation until my sis found out herself.. eh, u're good enough to be my sister's gf for one year plus, and ignoring all this stupid stuff that he did.. ughhhh!!! i think, beause of those words : IT'S HARD TO JAGA HER, makes her current bf starting to questioned my sister.. and isn't it funny.... he was having doubt with her again, just because the line broke-off when he called.. hello!! maybe la the line here in bangsar is like crap nowadays, so because of that, it means that my sister is cheating on you..?? because he though she purposedly hung up the phone.. ughh!! stupid, childish, boy!! right now, i feel like jus confronting that guy and talked about this matter.. i know, i might be just a busy body interfering with other people's relationship problems, but when the issue that was brought up was about a stupid matter which leads to other problems, i really wanna step up and confront him.. oh, like i never did that before with any guys before this.. before this, i feel like i'm slowly starting to like her bf, because for me, i think h'e the best guy for my sis, but now, nope!! ZERO percent of liking him.. like i said earlier, if this kinda situation rise, and it is a matter of trust, which is the key base for any relationship, i will surely walk away from the relationship.. if now, not even one month they get together, trust issues happening, then what will happen in the next days to come..?? so, BOY, U KNOW WHO U R, DON'T MESS WITH MY SISTER.. COS IN A WAY YOU ARE MESSING WITH ME!

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