Friday, October 17, 2008

worst day ever!!

OMG!! today is officially my worst day ever.. no doubt..
the first half of the day was ok.. bt then.. d other half.. omg..
afta my malaysian studies paper, i was planning to go bck home cos i'm sick n i'm soo tired n i feel like i can't breathe with all this ppl around..
so, i drove alone.. my gas was at d minimum point, bt i jus kept on going cos i know my car, n i know it can still hold on.but, with my freaking stupid n blur thinking, it didn't occur to me at all that there might be traffic jam near bangsar..
then my car started to be shaky a bit, n i was praying hard, n i think i never pray that hard in my entire life..
jus imagine, u were all alone in d car, n u're not feeling well, n it's raining, n u know, if ur car broke down, it surely cos worse traffic jam.. n i almost met with an accident.. oopss.. correction, twice.. i almost hit motorcycles.. obviously bcos of my 'blurness' n clumsiness.. n one of the motorcyclist even called me stupid.. i heard him cos i opened the window.. hurmm.. how exciting can that be..
it's all because i wanted to get in the right lane to go to the petrol station there, bt i couldn't cos the cars won't let me.. that is when, i almost hit the motorcycles.. surely, the car behind me will think i'm such a beginner at driving.. haishh.. bt what to do, i'm soo blur, n i'm sooo sick..!! ughhh..
bt luckily, i think the GOD loves me dearly, right in front of the petrol station, i manage to slide in between cars n then, i went n filled up my gas.. OMG.. really, GOD helps me soo much.. cos right in front of the petrol station, no cars are blocking me from getting through it.. n d rest of the journey went smoothly..
thak god..
i really though the worst was gonna happened.. i didn't tell mama or baba about this, cos i don't want them to worry about me the next time im driving..
sheeshh, i almost had a trauma for a sec, n i felt like i dun wanna drive the car anymore.. this really made me think, if i didn't even had any accident, i was in shocked, how about the people who had an accident, or people who hit someone or experienced something major.. haishh.. whatever it is, i'm soo glad i arrived home safely.. huhuhu.. n now i feel a lot better about it..

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