Friday, October 10, 2008


OMG! i just watched a malay movie called SEPI.. yes, i know the movie are no longer playing in the cinema, and now only i'm watching that movie.. but, it's never too late, right..??
SEPI is about three different stories about different situation, where people are feeling lonely in their life, mainly because of the lack of love in their lives..
the first story brought us to the story of adam, who had always been trying to find the girl that belongs to him. until he met that girl, problems occur as the girl are engaged and soon to be married..
and then, we have a story about a guy named sufi.. an accident had cause his wife to die in front of his eyes, and he felt the loneliness as he take everything for granted, eventhough he loves his wife dearly. because of his devastativeness, he tries to run from the problem, and met a woman who was there when he needed someone for support.. unfortunately, the woman are married to another man, and eventhough he could not leave her wife, her heart belongs to sufi..
the last story is about a girl named imaan and how she had to work with a guy who thinks he's good in everything.. imaan have a very boyfriend, but as time goes by, without she realizing it, she had fallen for that guy..
the endings..???? i can't tell, cos if u didn't watch that movie yet, u won't feel what i felt..
i never cried this bad my whole life watching a movie.. yes, of course there are several dramas or movies that can make me cry watching it, but not as bad as this movie..
maybe, the feeling of loneliness, as what the director are trying to potray in this film hits me straight to the heart..
it makes me start to wonder.. wether i will always stay lonely forever, or saved by someone from this loneliness somewhere in the future, or found the one for me in the future..
i know, it's such a silly thing to be thinking about, but, perhaps this feelings are too strong.. not that i can't survive living alone, but the question is, will i find that special one in the future..??? now, that's the question that bothers me soo much lately.. hurmm..
but, seriously, talk about this movie, people who felt the feeling of loneliness in their life, will want to see this movie.... it's one of the greatest movie ever created in Malaysia.. heheheh... hope that soon i can find the answer for the quesion that keeps bothering me now..

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NiNi :) said...

waaa nik ngs ker??

sedih kan citer tuh..

plg sedih part sufi and imaan

damn cam same je ngan saya

i mean the feelings of loneliness


i told u b4 kan suh tgk citer ni..