Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011- it's time to change

it's a brand new year people!!! woot! woot! it has been 23 days into the new year, and things are looking great for me.. =)

as usual, since the last post that i posted in my blog, well, like i said, things had change for the better. how much better you might ask.. well, let's just say that what i hope for came true.

for those who still didn't know.. well, i am in LOVE... again!! the date to remember was 19th december 2010.. why that date was chosen was not a big deal, because at that moment, i felt that it is the right time for me to start a brand new experience with a brand new man of my life.

yes, since the last blogpost i've posted, things was like a rollercoaster ride...and the ride was not a smooth ride.. i could throw up anytime during that period.. lol.. not saying that i'm the most hottest or wanted girl for the guys, but i must say, i admit that i was not being a good one. i always said that i do not want to hurt anyone's feelings, but yet, at the end of the day, i've hurt a lot of feelings. but, after awhile, i must say, that it is all for the best.

making a decision was a pretty tough one for me. too caught up with the idea of not hurting anyone had made me at the end of the day, the girl who breaks people'e heart. i apologize from the bottom of my heart for whatever things that i've done to any of them, but i just had to do what i have to do. for that few months(after my break with the ex) i was trying to please everyone, without thinking of what is best for me. taking too much time to finally noticed this had made it all worse. but at the end of the day. thank god, i finally did what i had to do. though there were some awkwardness to some individuals, but, we're working on it slowly. =)

the man in my life now is my priority right now.. and the weirdest part was that being with him had made me the person i was never before. he had truly open my doors to the things that i don't really show to people-my sensitive characters and all that. he had made me the girl who can open up and communicate and not run from any of my problems or our problems. he listens to every single thing i said, but the best part was he talks to me too, which is what i needed the most, a man who can talk to me.

and i know, he loves me for me, and even if there's part of me that i'm sure he dislikes, he'll try and talk to me about it.. but, at the end of the day, he still loves me.... *smile*

and seriously, i am hoping this will be the last person i will ever be with, cos i don't know if i can ever find anyone who understands me and accepts me better than he did..

people might say, oh, u guys are still new... everything is chirpy and happy.. wait till the next few months, and you will not what's in store for you. well, you know what... though it might be a very fresh relationship, we had our ups and downs. some problems are solved, but some are yet to get better, we're still working on it.. and i can say that i am ready to face anything that's coming on in the future... we will try to fight it, come what may!

so, 2011.. come and work with me so that the changes are for the better..