Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hey, everyone..!!
if there is people who read my blog.. huhuhu..
jus wanna wish u a happy hari raya this year..
may you guys will receive a lot of duit raya, so that u can treat me for a wonderful dinner.. lol
as usual, i'll be celebrating it at my grandmother's place in terengganu..
except for last year, we celebrate it in kl, and i don't feel the excitement at all..
so, i prefer going back to my kampung n celebrate it there..
and i'm going back tomorrow..!!! weeee... very excited about it.. heheh..
and as usual too, i'll be celebrating ALONE..
let me highlight it here, the "alone" part does not mean i'm not going to celebrate it with my family..
wooahh, celebrating with my family is a big MUST.. heheh..
the definition of "alone" here means, being single.. as usual..
i don't know.. somehow it happened to me every year..
normally, my relationship with any guys will end before raya, OR starts after raya..
so, i never feel the excitement of wishing your partner a great big raya.. hehehe..
ok, i sounded so desperate here.. which i think i'm still not in that zone yet.. hehehe..
but you know what, as long as i have my family around me, i on't need any guys to be there for me..
besides, it's not like that guy would be roight in front of me during hari raya.. duhhh!! hehehe..
this raya thing brought me to think of a good friend of mine who just left for u.k. on 11th september..
this is the first time he would be out of the country alone, and what's more devastating is that, his first class in the university there is on the first day of raya itself.. what luck does he have..?? heheh..
bt i bet he'll make it through there, cos i think he was born to stay there..!! with his skill of mimicking the british accent and all, i doubt if he have any problem surviving the big world..
plus, u.k., specifically london, is a very great place to stay..
my family and i went there for just one week, and we felt like going there again, cos we missed a lot of the beautiful places there.. huhuhu..
hurmm.. maybe next time.. or, even better luck, next year!! lol
well, before i leave, i wish u guys a very HAPPY HARI RAYA... and for those of you who would be travelling to your hometown, i wish you guys a save journey home, and have a wonderful time spending this festive season with them..
and again, SELAMAT HARI RAYA..!!! =)

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