Thursday, September 25, 2008


hahahaahah.. something gr8 jus happened a few moments ago..
last sunday was reena's birthday.. n for her birthday, all of us, the malacca family, namely rema, nits, martin, ivan, hiran n i planned to give something special for her birthday..
we planned to give her a PHONE..!! hahaha..
now, that's a big shocker, n i think that's the biggest present i've ever given to a friend..
we chipped in money together n buy the phone.
specifically, i went to buy the phone, bt one small mistake i made was i bought the phone that nits used to use it last time. hahahah.. bt what to do, small budget, and that's the best i can get..
what phone we get for her, is a secret.. hehehe..
it's soo hard to give her the phone..
first because, on her birthday, i didn't buy the phone yet, cos not enough money, and stuff..
so, i bought it on monday, n was planning to give it to her on tuesday, after my class.. but, she went to malacca on that day, so i have to wait until she get back here, which was today.. heheh..
it's hard to keep it down from her, cos she's not here, so i was like texting her evry singe day, asking when is she coming bck.. i have to ask her, cos if not, how am i suppose to give it to her..
n jus now, i went to her house n gave it to her..
n she can't believe it!! good.good.. that's how we hope she will react..
haisshh.. it jus shows how much we love her, n how much we appreciate her as a true friend..
it's hard to find a friend who are always there for you, n she will sensed it when something is not right.. heheheh..
thanx a lot reena..
the value of the phone is nothing compared to the friendship n love she had showered us for as long as we know each other.. ngeeee..!! so, happy birthday!!!

~beauteeful shyunkk~

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