Monday, November 24, 2008


well, today is the 24th day in the month of november.. and that means, it's NIK AFIFAH NIK A MAJID'S(a.k.a my sis) birthday!!! woohoo!!! hehehehe.. well, too bad i couldn't celebrate it with her and the whole family because she's now in johore.. hehehehe.. anyway, happy birthday, sis! hope u'll have a gr8 day today.. eventhough sometimes we had some fights that made us bang to the door like crazy, but you are still my sis who i look up to my whole life.. for me, you're the coolest sister anyone could ever have.. many people said it's cool to have a sister than a big brother, because with a sister, it's easier to talk to and stuff.. and yes, that is soo true.. i'm glad i have a great sis like u..!! ngeeee..!!! and even knowing u as the paparazzi of the family, (because u'll start tellling mama about the new hot story that's happening around the family) aadeq n i still talked to u about most of the stuff... hehehehe.. and eventhough u hate when both of us started saying i love u to u, bcos u dun like the sound of it, but, i know u still love us dearly.. awwww... heheheh... neway, hope u'll have a great bb-day today, with ur colleagues in johore.. hahaha.. I LOVE U..!! lol

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