Thursday, November 20, 2008


well, anyone didn't know, i celebrated my 19th birthday last tuesday.. yeay, me!! hahah.. before my birthday, yes, i was feeling very..very..down.. i didn't know why i felt that way, but i felt like i was left all alone in this world, because my friends would be busy with their own lives.. hurmm.. but, that ended on the day of my birthday.. to start with, the night before my birthday.. i was going out to have dinner with reena n rema that night when nini insisted on us going to the curve to watch a movie, and eat there.. i don't mind going there, wel, because, since i felt like no one would be celebrating my birthday, i just agreed to the plan, since, well, if anyone asked me, at least i could say that i watched a movie with my friends.. heheh.. it was 10 pm when we arrived there, and me, reena n rema were so damn hungry, because i was fasting that day, and i didn't have the chance to break fast properly, bcos after my class ended at 7 pm, reena, nini, me, n derryck, went to the track cos we planned to go jogging there.. hehehehe.. so, when we arrived at the curve, it was kinda late, so, most of the shops there were closed, only some other restaurants at THE STREET.. we didn't know where to eat there in the first place, but then, reena suggested we'll go to bubba gump shrimp because she said she went to that place pnce with her mom.. so, ok la, if the food is nice.. hehehe.. so, when we saw that restaurant, i saw that te place was like packing up.. so, i told them we need to go n find some other place.. so, we ended up eating the cakes at starbucks.. what happened to the movie plan u might ask.. hurmm.. nini said she's not sure where's the movie thatre.. if u asked me, i wouldn't know either.. because, eventhough i've been in the curve for a few times, i never tried exploring that place, bcos evrytime i went there, i would only go to the place where i planned to go.. like accompanying my mom do her facial there, or just went there for dinner around the street.. so, wen ended up sitting at starbucks there.. but, it was kind of weird because nini insisted in going to bubba gump, where for me, the place was closing.. but, since she said it's still opened, so, we went back there, and yes, it is open.. and, surprise..surprise.. kim, nisa, bear hana n ikkey were there sitting in the restaurant.. and obviously they were waiting for us there.. and obviously again, i sensed something going on here.. but i just ignore that senses, and enjoyed the food there.. when the clock struck 12 am, martin n nits called me, and made them the first people to wish me on my birthday.. hehehehe.. while i was talking to martin nnits on th ephone, suddenly the waiters at bubba gump was shouting n screaming something, which i was not so sure about.. and at that moment, the line was disconnected, so i hung up the phone, and looked that they were surprising me with some kind of ritual and tradition there in bubba gump, and i had to stand on the chair..!! hahaha.. and they were stomping around and they were saying about it's my birthday today.. and one of my favourite part would be when they were like singing "if u want this birthday cake, u must shake ur booty" or something like that.. hahahahhahaha.. and as i am trying to be a sport, i did shake my booty.. hahahahaahah.. now, that was funny.. embarassing, not really, because i'm soo happy because people do remmbr my birthday.. huhuhu.. and that was one of the best times of the day.. and after eating the cake, we went back to mmu..hihihihi.. and i was soo happy.. hehehe.. ok, the next day, my classes were so packed the whole day, so no time to go and celebrate or anything.. but, reena promised me that all 3 of us go out for dinnere, and of course, i didn't mind.. hehehe.. so, that night, after my class, i was waiting for them to ask me out for the dinner, but until 8.30, they still didn't text me to ajak me out.. and i was soo hungry at that time.. so, i text reena, and asked where were they, because i was soo hungry.. and she tols me that she got some SIFE meeting.. hurmm.. since she had that meeting thing, so it's ok la.. then around 9 pm, then only reena told me that their ready now, and i can go to the parking place first to take my car..
all the way to my car, i was texting li bing, and when i arrived at my car, i received a text from reena, and she said she's just behind my car, and there she was.. and you know what more exciting..?? THE MALACCAN PEEPS WERE HERE..!! their here in cyber, to surprised me.. aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!!!! omg! that's the best surprise ever.. evry single of them were here, nits, martin, ivan, losh, and other people who were there too were derryck and the other loshini.. that was very exciting.. hahahahah.. so, ivan told us that we'll go out to some mamak stall and grab some dinner there.. hehehe.. so, all together 3 cars went down to subang, while derryck lead us with his car.. and so much for a mamak stall, they brought me to TGI FRIDAY in subang parade.. sheeessshh.. hehehehe.. so, we had dinner there, and another surprise for me was that they gave me a gift.. they gave me an ESPRIT WATCH.. hehehehe.. my god thanks alot guys.. hehehe.. and oh my god, the night didn't ended there.. the tgi crew surprised me when they came around the table and asked me to stand on my chair.. and AGAIN, i had to stand on the chair.. hahahah.. they gave me the ketchup bottle and suddenly asked me to sing a song.. what the hell...??? i never, i repeat NEVER sang in public in my whole entire life.. so, i refused to sing, and i said i prefer dancing.. and they won't let me do it.. sheeessshh.. and i refused to sing.. and at last they asked me to give a 2 minutes speech.. hahahah.. nw that's better.. so, i was babbling on, and at last i got my cake.. and there's another catch.. they asked me to blow the candle when i was standing like 2 feet away from the cake.. how am i suppose to do that.. so, the funny part would be, i was trying to blow the candle, and i tried waving my hand, just in case it'll work.. hahahah.. and at last they put the cake nearer to me.. hihihihihi.. and at last, they sang to me some birthday song, tgif version.. heheheh.. and obviously that was the best day ever in my whole entire life.. haha.. and the best part would be when we got 20% discount because the manager(i think) in tgif was ragu's cousin.. oh, didn't i mentioned, ragu n raghu joined in for the surprise birthday party.. hehehehe.. thanx a lot ya ragu!! hahahah.. ok, not only ragu, i thanked all of them, reena, rema, nits, martin, ivan, the two loshinis, ragu n raghu.. haishh.. u guys are the best la weyh.. oh, not to forget my friends who surprised me earlier, nini, kim, nisa, bear, ikkey n hana.. all of u guys are the best of friends ever.. the sacrifices u made to come down to cyber and around kl jus for the sake of my birthday and making me happy on that special day was the most priceless thing i've ever received from any friends i have. thanx a lot guys..!! i love ya guys a lot.. n owh ya, people who wished me on my birthday via sms, facebook, friendster or myspace - thanx 4 the wishes.. hihihihi.. and for the first time after a few gloomy days for me, at last i was smiling in my sleep.. hihihihi.. and oh ya, a quick one.. besides getting all the gifts and love from my friends, i realised something new in my life.. the hint is butterflies are starting to live again in my stomach.. hahahah..!! next time i'll tell u more about that story, because i need to reassure my situation and the future that might happened... hehehe

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