Tuesday, November 11, 2008


ok, all this while,if ppl notice, i've been wearing two rings on my right hand.. one is my sister's ring, bt she didn't wear it anymore, so i took it =p, n another one is from my ex.. yes, my ex.. the last boyfriend i had almost two years ago.. lol.. well, don't get me wrong here.. i wore that ring all tis while, is not because i couldn't get over him.. oh, trust me, the day we broke up, was the day i forgot evrything about him.. heheh... not to be rude, or being arrogant, but, we are so meant to be friends only, and the idea of going to the next level in our relationship was a big NO-NO.. hehehe.. plus, he got a new gf now, the girl he had been waiting for even before he got to know me more.. hehehe.. ok, so now, let's talk about the ring.. he gave me that ring as a sign of our relationship thing, or whatever crap it represented.. so, after we broke-up, i stopped wearing the ring for quite some time cos i was planning to gie it back to him.. i mean, it's not some cikai ring, you know.. well, it didn't cost thousands of ringgit, but it's not that cheap after all, that's what i was told by my friends who helped him pick the ring.. heheheh.. hurmm... anyway, when i was giving it back to him, he said i should keep it, so, being a sport, i kept it in the box.. but after some time, i was thinking to myself, why should i keep the ring inside the box, when someone bough the ring specially for me.. so, since the ring was for me, no longer a sign of our LOVE or anything, so i put it back on my finger.. you could notice the ring in most of my pictures, the one i wore it on the moddle finger.. hehehehe.. so, after some time, i mean, after almost two years after we broke up (oh, did i mentioned the relationship only lasted for 3 weeks.. huhuhu), finally i realised.. maybe the ring still does represent love between us.. oh, how should i put this.. ok, maybe the ring does represent that i am still attached to him in away.. ok, not emotionally, but physically, as the ring was on my finger 24/7.. heheheh.. so, finally, i've made up my mind, i took it off, and there's no more ring on my middle finger.. yeay!! in away, spiritually, i feel like, i am being the whole me again, without any attachment, because everytime people saw me around wearing that ring, they would say that i was engaged, mainly because the ring do look like an enagement ring.. hehehehe.. so, now i've kept it somewhere out of my site (hurmm.. i wonder where did i put the ring???) , so now i am spiritually, physically mentally, and evrything soo totally not attached.. and i think because of that aura i was spreading out, i guess people saw it, and i'm full of confidence of myslef again.. yeay, me!! so, the moral of the story is, don't ever wear something that was given by your ex, even if you guys are so cool as friends.. hehehehe.. owh, and one more good thing abut letting it go is dat, my hand feels much lighter than before.. lol.. haish, i shouldn't have worn it back earlier.. hahaha.. funny..funny.. =)

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