Thursday, April 2, 2009

fast n furious, baby!!

u see, this past few days, me n derryck planned to go karaoke or een watch movie or just simply hang out like the good old days, like what we did last semester.. hehe.. but, nothing we planned come true, cos no one wanted to join us.. reena was busy with her studies.. n even if rema, tag along, only the 3 of us..?? not fun enough to karaoke.. lol.. so, today, i went and accompany derryck to midvalley, just checking what he loves best.. SHOES..!!hehehe. it's cool to actually see all this very cool shoe designs.. no wonder guys can be so addicted to it.. hahah.. we didn't do much actually, except for wandering around and lookat shoes here and there.. and i don;t feel like window shopping or shopping at all, cos if i wanna shop, i need my own time, n i need to have the mission.. haha.. oh, and at last all my stories about my life have been updated to derryck.. finally!! hahah.. he's the easiest guy for me to talk to about anything, even my girl's stuff.. hahah.. so, thanks derryck, ya!! haha.. since we had a lot of spare time before his next class at 4, we planned to go n watch movie.. when we arrived at gsc, baamm! fast n furious..!! haha.. we got in the line and when we got right in front of the counter, the first thing he asked, beside what movie, the guy who's at the counter asked us if we wanted couple seat.. hahah.. i wonder why, it must always be like that, when a guy n a girl went out together, and watched movie alone.. haha.. very funny.. and derryck straight away said no, and i was laughing at the corner.. lol.. when we bought the tix, it was 11.40, n spot on! the movie is practically starting.. so, we grab the popcorns, and went in.. the movie was superb!! not a dissapointment for me at all..!! hehe.. i'm not a huge follower of the fast n furious saga, but, ike i said, not a dissapointment at all..
and after the movies, we went around for a little while before we left back for campus.. and i didn't even think of having lunch at all.. haha.. after i got back to my room, after a few minutes, my stomach started to grumble.. haha.. so, we went arif to eat.. heheh.. and tonight, like always went for dance practice, and the teacher who taught us practically changed half of the choreography of the song tonight! and we had to get the new steps again.. *sigh*.. oh, lik i said earlier, i don't know why, but i really feel like going karaoke this week, so, since i have my headphone with a mic.. i took out the headphone wire, n just plugged in the mic wire, and went to youtube and find karaoke songs! hahaha.. at first, there was only me, sha, nisa n nini in the room, n i was the only one did the karaokeing, and they were 'enjoying' my performance.. hahah.. and then nisa went back, n kim came in.. n then nisa came in again, and at last we all sat and sing along together.. to whatever songs we felt like singing.. mariah carey, i will survive song, circus, a little bit of dangdut here and there(cos i'm a huge fan of dangdut) and even itik gembo gembo song! well, if u dunno what's that song, it was once a very popular song in malaysia, and the tune is super catchy.. lol..
overall, had a great day.. i need to do this more often... =p

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