Saturday, April 18, 2009

3..2..1.. doze off!!!

this week is another tiring week for me.. what's with the training every single day.. n today, saturday... we had practice since morning till tonight.. and there's a lot more to come tomorrow n the day after that.. of course we had some breaks for a few hours here and there, but still, it's very..very tiring!!!

and yesterday, yo and mira, my favourite little cousins of all time came and stay over at my place.. didn't had the chance to see them at all.. or mayb just this morning, before i'm leaving back to cyberjaya.. and i didn't said anything to him, i just smiled..!! huhuhu.. i know it's weird, but both of them are like the closest cousins i've ever had.. i'm not close to other cousins, the grown-ups to be specifc. don't ask me why, cos i don't have the answers.. i think i communicate better with children than grown-ups.. hmmm... my sister told me, when they just arrived at my place on thursday night, the first thing that yo did when he entered the house was 'where's qilah?' awwww.. how sweet is that?? me n my sis really wished that yo will never grow bigger, cos he's the sweetest thing i've ever had, and i don't want to lose that just yet.. so, stay small, yo!! hehe

i've had to sacrifice my YO =p for the festival tari.. i'm not complaining at all, but it's just very tiring.. and yeah, it's good though the practice is evryday, at least we can sharpened up the steps cos some of us still couldn't get it perfectly(not saying that i'm perfect.. i might just be one of them too).. plus, with the pratice, at least i worked out, keep on sweating.. and sweating..and sweating.. hehe..and the good news is i'm actually working out doing what i love best.. DANCING!! hihii.. well, if u really know me, u'll know i LOVE to dance...!!!

omg.. my visions are getting blurrer and blurrer as i'm typing this.. super sleepy!!! ok, now, i better say bye now, before i'm out.. bye! 3..2..1..zzzzzzzz...!!!!!

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