Thursday, April 9, 2009

another awesome malay movie..

i just got back home from cyber this morning, and suddenly i felt like watching a malay movie called SELAMAT PAGI CINTA.. in this movie, there's two different stories in it.. one is about ilham n julia (played by fazura n pierre andrea-which are my favourite actor n actress in a movie together!).. how they met was the best.. both of them wanted to buy the same book but, there's only one book left, and both of them, wanted to take that book at the same time.. sounds a lil bit cliche right..?? bt then, ilham said that whoever gets the book must treat the other one with a drink.. so, he took the book, and he treat her for a coffee at some stall.. then they saw some people roller blading.. julia said she didn't roller blade for quite sometime now, so he take her rollerblading that instant.. there was of course hesitation from ilham, cos they just met and you're doing all this..?? it's not like ur on a date or something, it's just some accidental meet up.. but he insisted, so they went on roller blading.. after that, he asked for her number, and she said she doesn't give numbers to people that she barely know( which is so like me! =p).. and then she said, if both of them meant to meet again, she'll give her number then.. ok, somehow, he managed to get his number cos they meant for each other..i will not tell the whole story here, because it's too long, but i'll skip to the proposal part, and that was a day after they met up earlier just now! he said, he wants to marry her cos he feels he had found the right one for him, and that is her.. he's afraid that he might lose her again (because of some reason during the night in the movie) so, for that reason, he wants to marry her.. he borrowed a coin from some guy there, and he said he'll flip the coin 3 times and if it shows the tail, then, she must marry him.. and guess what..?? yeap, bulls eye..! they were meant to be together.. ok, the way i narrate it here might sound a bit tacky, but, when i watched that movie, *sigh* that was what i was waiting for all this while.. believing that when the right person come, there will be a lot of ways that will somehow make us stay together.. hehehe.. and the rest of the story...ummm... i won't tell.. there's a lot to it after that, but if you wanna know watched it yourself! hehe

the other story is about suci and azam, played by sharifah amani, and que haidar.. it's a story about 2 college students who had alwasy like each other, but they never said anything.. so, azam one day, made the move and ask her out.. they went out and he told her that he is more than just liking her..closer to love, he said.. (awwwww...) there are some conflict between them, which i can;t say either.. hihi.. sorry la! if u wanna watch that movie, just tell me, i'll pass it to u k! hahaha..

but, yeah one superb movie, especially the first story cos i feel like it's closer to me in away.. cos like i said earlier, and i said to a lot of people who had always been asking me about guys, and why am i still single, and why i said no to a few guys and stuff.. cos i am just waiting for the right guy, i figured that out this new year, after a lot of doubting and questioning and feeling depressed(yes, i admit i was depressed at the end of last year..haha!). i believe that when the right guy turns up, i'll know it that instant.. and even if i don't know it instantly, there will be away sooner or later than that that i realise that he's the one for me.. get it..?? i believe in destiny, so, i'll just follow where it is bringing me.. so, right now, i'm still waiting for the right guy, whom i don't know yet.. it can be someone far from me, or it can't also be a guy that i've known since i was small.. who knew??? so, don't ask me all thos questions again, ok!

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