Thursday, April 9, 2009

EXHAUSTED is my middle name

aaaaaaaggggghhhh..!! super exhausting week i had this week.. what's with 3 midterm papers this week, and with dance practice.. and what's with my french assignment, that i only knew the date of submission 3 days before the dateline.. and my partner for the assignment didn't know about it too..!! hahaha.. luckily i actually remembered to check the due date in mmls on monday.. oh well, it's not that hard considering it's just writing an essay about your hometown.. hehe..

midterms was hardcore moments.. monday macroeconomics, wednesday managerial accounting, n thursday acounting information system.. phewww..!! the papers are actually not that bad, but like always, i never put high hopes on any exams or tests or quizzes i did before this.. it's good enough that i know that i tried my best.. hihihi.. the scariest paper was AIS.. cos we had to do the midterm in the computer lab, cos we need to use this one accounting software.. that was very nerve wrecking, cos me + computer subjects... never goes well.. i'll end up panicking and stuff,even if it's tutorial.. haha.. but, luckily i managed to do it.. not sure of the answers, but, yeah like i said, i tried my best.. thanks to kim cos she helped me the night before that.. suddenly i was super blur that night, and she managed to help me to go through the blur moments.. hahaha.. oh, n nisa too.. cos we were practically discussing how to do the questions online.. haha..

just hope i did all the paper well enough.. well enough that it will help my results during finals, and also well enough to not make me feel proud and feel i'm good with that subject, that will make me end up not doing good during finals..

now, all the midterms over, it's time for assignments!! oh no!! and this weekend, i had a lot of stuff i need to do..
get prom dress, accesories, shoes and everything i need.. oh, did i mention that i was voted as prom queen.. haha.. don't think anyone will vote for me!! haha.. all the nominees need to go for a photoshoot this monday in campus.. so, i need to thin carefully what i should wear.. hahaha..
n what's with the hard core dance practice, cos the performance day are getting nearer and nearer.. can't wait for it actually.. hihihi..

oh, wait assignments!! aahhh, i'll start doing it next week.. hahaha.. that is sooo typical me..!! *sigh*

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