Wednesday, April 15, 2009


yesterday, me n several classmates of mine went and watched jangan tegur.. it was nisa n my idea to watch that movie at first, so, we planned to go yesterday.. and then, it seemed like there's people who can't make it, so, we thought of going to watch it today..supposedly! but, i'm not sure how, but at last we made the decision to watch it yesterday evening, 4 pm show in alamanda..

me n nini arrived there around 3.45, 15 minutes before the show started, but the rest; nisa, nurul, alyp and zainal came a bit later.. the definition of later here is 4.15.. or mayb it was 4.20.. haha.. so, the movie already started.. they were late due to some difficulties =p, so we waited for them outside.. so, when we went in, the movie, obviously already started.. and it had to be the part where the whole theatre was very quiet.. it's an obvious indication that 'something' will appear anytime soon.. i didn't look up the screen, cos we were still looking for our seats.. ok, before anything, let me get this straight... the placing when we were walking down the stairs was nurul, nini, me, nisa, n alyp, while zainal was buying some food outside.. please note the placing i've given earlier, ok!

when nurul got to the line where we were suppose to seat, and we were trying to walk in to our seats, all of a sudden the silence was broken with the sound of something appearing on the screen.. and when i want to get in the seats, out of nowhere, alyp was right in front of me, practically screaming, and straight away sat at one of the seats, and was actually seating real low, u know, how when people are afraid to watch scary movies or stuff like that, they tend to move lower and lower, and taking up his shirt to close their eyes?? that exactly what he did!!!! and, the most confusing part was when did he cut in the line, and sat at the seat.. haha.. i wasn't seating yet, and beside alyp and nini(nini and nurul had their seats) so, nisa and i asked him to move in, because there won't be enough seat later when zainal coming in.. he didn't want to move, so i had to walk pass him, and sat between nini and alyp.. that was super funny!!! i was actually laughing, eventhough the movie was actually showing some 'figures with long hair' or something like that, i didn't realy see it cos i was still surprised and i still can't get over the whole scene that happened before that..

during the show, when 'ghosts' are coming out, he was saying all this word in a lot of different dialect.. he spoke kelantanese dialect, a lil bit of kedah, and some other dialects.. and i was like thinking to myself, since when he's a kelantanese..?? hahaha.. i don't know him that well, but i know enough that he's not a kelantanese.. hehe..

n with nini beside me, the one who was so doubtful of coming or not to watch the show, it was like a roller coaster ride..seriously.. with all the screaming, i really felt like i was on the roller coaster ride that i had in sunway lagoon with my friends a few months back.. hahahahah.. i'm not lying.. and what with the 'advices' given by her to the main character in the movie, when the heroin was trying to be brave enough to go and follow the sound of people crying and stuff like that.. she literally said 'JANGAN!JANGAN!' out loud, which i'm sure most of the people in the hall, could hear her clearly.. i had to elbow her to stop her from doing that, cos she just didn't realised she's doing that.. hahaha!

ok..ok.. enough of the funny scenes happened, let's get back to talking about the movie.. hmmmm.. i think it was a great movie, by one of my favourite actor turned director who did a great job in making the audience nervous waiting for the ghosts to appear.. hehe.. i must say, between jangan pandang belakang and jangan tegur, i think i prefer jangan tegur, cos it looks more surreal.. hmmm.. how can i put it..?? this movie was making me feel uncomfortable seating on my seat.. there, did i say it right..?? well, it something like that.. i'm not saying it was super scary, but it scared me a lot.. eventhough u know it's coming, it was torturing to wait for the thing to come and just attack the heroin, but it will all come so sudden, that you feel like u wanted to scream.. hehe.. so, credit to the director, actors, people behind the scene in this movie.. everyone did a great job!! woohoo.. hahaha.. so, who said malay movie are not good enough..?? it's just that they need to be given oppotunitites, and make sure that the scriot and the director and everyone in the production team are great people who can work together and produce a movie which can be a big hit..

ok, so after the movie have ended, we went out and practically laughing all the way to the toilet thinking back how WE all are making fun of ourselves.. hahaha..
and that was when i found out that, when nini wanted to get ot her seat, which was the same time as when the ghost or whatever it was (i wasn't looking, remember??), she fell down under the seats and tried to get back up again.. haha.. just imagine, u fell from your seats in the movie for no concrete reason.. meaning like, out of the blue, u fell down flat on the ground.. it's not like anyone pushed u,or something like that....riggghhhhttt...?? hmmmm.. haha..

ok..ok.. so overall, the movie was a great one, in my opinion.. it cna be funny at times, but well, if ure in that situation, u won't be aughing at all would you..??

oh, and yeah, i almost forgot.. i went for the prom queen photshoot last night.. it was only two shots session, so after about 10 or 15 minutes, we're out of that place.. heheh.. and they're going to tell the results who wll be shortlisted to actually be voted for the prom queen this friday.. hmm.. not hopinh for anything.. if it works, it works.. if it's not i'll still have fun at the prom!

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