Tuesday, April 7, 2009

it's a new day, it's a new life

last week, hmm.. it's pretty rough for some people who are close to me.. i don't know why, but there's a lot of stuff going on last week.. first, khairul, one of my closest guy friends in school text me and said that his dad was admitted to the hospital and right now in a very bad condition.. for the past few years of knowing him, i'm a ware that his dad had some heart problems.. and his dad went through several surgeries before this too.. so, it's not an all of a sudden issue.. bt it was sad to hear that someone's dad, who is very close to me, was actually lying on the bed and is hoping for the best thing to happen.. well, k-rul, hope ur dad will be fit in no time, n hope u n ur family stay strong going through this hardship..

and that's not it, a few days later, i received a text message from another close friend of mine whom i know since primary school, that her dad had passed away on friday.. now that was a big shocker because before this she never said anything about his dad being sick or whatsoever, probably because i haven't seen her around for awhile.. i felt really bad for not going to her house and expressed my condolences personally to the family, but i'm short of time on doing so, cos there's a lot of stuff going on last weekend.. to shah, my biggest condolences goes to out to you and your family.. stay strong girl, cos i know you are..

well, last week ended up pretty gloomy too for some people in my family.. my cousin, who was one of the closest to my family, especially my sis and my dad, had a big tragedy happened.. i don't know how to put it to not offend anyone, but it was a huge break-up.. well, it's not like, we, kids are experiencing now.. it's a break-up after u were married fo five years.. yes, that!! it turned out to be a huge impact in our family cos it's a first time in our family.. well, beside my uncle on my mother's side who had divorce before, whom his kids were hottest cousins i have on my mother's side,(damn!!) but they were now living with my uncle's ex-wife, so, we couldn't really meet them that much.. ok..ok.. calling for me back to earth! please stop sidetracking my story.. hehe.. so, well, yeah, it's a tragedy for her and her family.. but, it was pretty amazing how strong she is dealing all this eventhough she's preganant with their 3rd child right now..?? guys!! they really like to do what they feel like doing huh..?? hmmm.. whatever it is, it's good that my cousin are standing tall now, without thinking of the past.. seriously, she deserves someone waaaayy..waaayyy.. better than him.. god let u screw up at times so that u'll learn the lesson of life.. so, now, she's not the only one who learnt the lesson.. everyone around her does, including me.. it's somehow like a wake up call for everyone.. yes, i'll admit that, she can never leave her past at the roadside, but at least now, she can totally see and feel free from all the thorns and muds are always trying to pull her under..way down under from where she is.. coussy, there are a lot of hands around you, to pull you back out from the sinking mud, and hands who will cut off all those bad thorns around you.. she have everyone on her side, so no worries.. well, everything happens for a reason, so, sooner or later, we will all know the reasons for it, or maybe you did figure out the good outcomes from all this..

well, this goes out to everyone actually.. sometimes when we think it's the worst thing that ever happened to us, it can be the best thing ever happened.. everyone( and this goes out to me too) stay strong k!! whatever happens there's a lot of people around you you can count on, and i hope one of the people will be me, and i hop you will be for me too when i needed someone to grab me from falling down..down..down.. =)

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