Sunday, May 10, 2009

blog updated =p

phewww.. do u know how hard it is for me toupdate this blog.. the first time i wrote it, i don't know how, it was not posted.. darn!! ok, whatever.. let's star all over gaain, ok! starting off with the events i was apart of last few weeks.. it started off with the FESTIVAL TARI PIALA TUN DR SITI HASMAH, which was a traditional dance competition among five universities, and mmu was the host for the event.. me n a few of new and senior mmu dancers was involved in the opening and closing act for the event.. the opening act was a combination of several traditional dance element in it.. there's a bit of zapin, renek, and some other dance element..

me with the costume.. yeap, it was way bigger than my size.. lol..

and then, after the opening act, we straight away went to the backstage to get ready for our closing perfromances.. yeap, it sounded like it's a long way to go, and surely we'll be ready by then.. but we didn't know how, bu
t we ended up in a very hectic situation backstage.. what's with getting the guys ready, and helping each other with the costume.. phewww.. and if u were there, and if u notice, i left out some accessories that i was supposed to wear on my wrist and on my arms.. lol.. and the selendang that i used was a red colour one, instead of a yellow coloured one.. i couldn't find the yellow coloured one.. surely someone took it, cos kak aireen put the selendang on each chair for each dancers.. luckily i managed to find the red one, so, heck with it,just use it.. lol

but seriously, the last performance was a great one for me, i think.. what's with the support from the audiences, whom are mainly mmu students, so, surely they supported us.. hehe.. oh, i didn't mention, the last performance was a javanese dance, so there's a lot of booty shaking and what not... hahaha.. no wonder we got a huge applause from th
e audience.. but seriously now i understand when people said u can take the energy from the audience when ur performing.. it's true! when people was applauding us, we're more energetic to perform, and so, we performed the best among the best during the practices..

so, here's a few pictures of me after the performances.. during the performances pictures, i don't have.. i have the vids, but i have some difficulties uploading it here, so just go throught the pics, ya!!

me n kim after the whole event

nisa, kim, me n nini.. two of our audiences.. lol

reena, derryck,iffa n rema.. thanx for the support! eventho i dun brag about the event too much to u guys.. hihihihi..

me n my sis.. ngeeeeee!!!

oh, almost forgot the final pose for the closing performance!!!! love it!!!!! =)

and this will be my favourite picture of all of us.. well, not all of us really, cos there's some missed outs here.. huhuhu..

i hope this will not be too late to say but thanx evryone for coming and all the committees who did a great job..
thanx to the people right from my classmates to the people who are never in my class..
from my closest friends to the people whom i barely know..
and to my sister, to my sister's friends..

eventhough u guys didn't come for me in particular but thanks for the support for your other friends.. hihihi..

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