Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ku ku i i i...kau kau you you you!

something sweet happened this week for me.. so, in a way it's a sweet scene for me this week.. get it..?? sweetsourscene..?? sweet scene..?? oh, forget it! lol..
what's happening..?? hmm.. i don't know where to start but i'm feeling like my real true self are coming and coming out bit by bit.. n i'm loving it..!!

haha.. all this while, i was busy searching for it, but i didn't realise that all this while i was actually searching it in the dark.. never thought of looking for the light.. but now, i've found the switch to turned it on, so i'm back baby!!! hahaha..

ok..ok.. what the hell am i feeling right now, would be ur ultimate question.. i'm feeling rather happy cos at least i know how my life are slowly leading me to.. ok..ok.. there's a guy in particular of course.. hihihihi.. i shy la!! lol.. when i saw him the first time, i thought to myself, hmm.. he's kinda cute.. and that's it.. never thought of anything more, bcos normally all this cute guys will definitely have a gf or someone special.. just like how people thought i have someone special in my life when all this while i'm open for everyone.. lol..

however, it turned out that he IS SINGLE.. of course, i found it out from his classmate.. hehehe.. so, ever since then, i always love to disturb and make this classmate's of his life with all my obsession towards him.. lol.. ok..ok.. let's give him a name.. let's call him ANUAR ZAIN or zain.. ok..ok.. i know it's a bit cliche to hear this.. i have another name for him actually, but i think, that name is starting to get pretty obvious each day.. lol..

anyway, to get things clear, i'm not that into him, ok! it's just a way of getting in the nerves of his classmate that i know, and of course simply to put colours in my life.. and that classmate of his told a few of her friends, so, yeah, it's no secret to some people.. hahaha.. but it's good actually.. at least i can have more fun fooling around.. hahaha..

and there are times when these other friends helped me out to get to know him more.. ok, maybe not to get to know him more, just simply making him notice my existence.. hehehe..

and actually, this ffoling around thing with zain actually helped me boost up my confidence to look straight in BGB's eyes and gie him the smile.. hahaha.. wait, u'll be wondering who's BGB now.. i'm not sure if i ever talked about him before, but this guy is actually a guy that i know since the first day of class in cyberjaya campus.. ok, not really know him.. we've been introduced that one time, and that's it.. but the thing is, when we were introduced, i didn't get his name! and that's why BGB came in.. where did i get the name, don't ask me! ask reena! she came out with it..

so, yeah, practically since the first sem, we saw each other alot around campus, especially at the library.. hihihi.. but we never actually talked to each other.. it's this MALU TAPI MAHU situtation where u want it, but ur shy to make the first move.. hahaha.. but it's actually funny cos i can't look at him directly in the eyes, and i'm not sure about his side.. and i don't mean to brag or perasan, but i sensed something there between us, but we never did anything.. hehehe..

so, yea, back to the zain story.. when i managed to talk to zain, which is kinda cool cos i didn't blush or anything.. what am i saying..?? it's a good sign actually that i'm not blushing cos the whole thing will be screwed if i ever blush at that particular time.. hehehe..

so, after talking to zain, i saw bgb.. i don't know where i found it, but, i found my confidence to look at him and maybe smiled at him.. a friendly smile is enough right..?? lol.. this is again reena's fault.. well, anything to do with bgb will only involve reena cos she's the reason any of this happening.. hahah..

so, yeah, i tried looking to his eyes, but his not keeping his gaze, so, i did my part actually!!! hahahhaa.. and i even smiled.. hahaha.. ok..ok..stop with this nonsense now..

practically, what i wanna say is that, i'm not currently looking for a serious relationship.. maybe in the future.. maybe even tomorrow.. just going with the flow.. it's more fun like that.. it's like watching movies, u can't wait for what's gnna happen next till it come to the ending.. hihihi..

i'm not hoping for a happy ending from any of the guys in my life, wether it's bgb, zain, or a few other guys that come along the way.. it's all the GOD's work and i leave it up everything to HIM to make me help with my life..

like my friends were saying, i'm keeping my options open.. whoever comes first and capture my heart, then i'll be all theirs.. but if they think that i'll keep on waiting..and waiting.. well, u can dream on.. cos i fall fast, and i get up fast.. if ure late, then bye bye for getting my heart, and hello, for being a new friend..

oh, a friendly reminder to some guys.. do not ask me what u should do.. do just what u want and feel right, cos that will make me feel appreciated more than asking me if i'm ok with every single thing do every single time..
ok, really need to study for finals now.. never thought that i'll open up about this issue here right now, when i wanna have my exams in less than a week!! gaaaahh!!!

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