Sunday, May 24, 2009


have u ever watched a movie called GOOD LUCK CHUCK? well, i'm sure u guys did!

nope, i'm not talking about that movie, nor am i saying that i just watched that movie. i wanna talk about the synopsis of the movie, and to be exact, about the CHUCK's character.. (n surely when i say chuck, ppl will be reminded by chuck as in gossip girl chuck!)

in that movie, chuck is a guy who is some sort of cursed. the curse was every girl that he ever slept with, will end up finding or meeting their soulmates right after that.. i feel that character is sooo totally like me at this moment, minus, the sleeping part of course! lol..

but in my case, the guys only need me to like him or him liking me, n VOILA! u'll get yourself a soulmate or a new gf after that... it's proven and i have a record for that.. can't recall how many guys have succeeded in getting the girl of their dreams, indirectly because of me.. i know a few of them, and i'm sure that there's also a few of them that i don't know..

u know why? i've realised this this past few months.. ever since schooldays, if i like someone, or i get together with someone, when we broke off or i rejected him, or in some cases, i got rejected (boohoo me.. lol), after that, in less than a year since that day, he will ultimately find the girl of his dreams.. yeap, n no one thanked me for that! imagine if i continue liking him or we continue our relationship, u will never meet that girl! pfft!

n now, i know it's coming back to me again.. cos in this past one month plus, the guy that i used to like, or the guy that i like currently had just go together with a girl.. ok, the guy that i used to like, got together with a girl.. the guy that i currenlty like, is actually getting to know this one girl.. unbelievable, how good am i! the guy that i'm liking now, naming, anuar zain that i used to mention before this, is currently getting to know a girl! can u believe, he didn't have a gf, or even had a cruch on any girl before this, and suddenly taraa!! he is getting to know this one girl.. and i'm sure once i get over him perfectly, they'll be together.. woohoo!! (haihh) lol..

i'm neither heartbroken, nor sad.. i feel free in a way.. free from this list of guys that me n reena created, which none of them really do exist in my life.. lol..

so, guys out there, if u want to fnd your soulmate, come n look for me.. play around with my heart, n u'll get urself a brand new girl, whom she can be ur perfect wife in the future! yeay! any heartbroken incidents that occurs r no one to be at fault, n it can be mended by itself..

hmmm.. maybe i should start charging this people, cos my heart will surely be damaged when there's so many guys around.. hmmm..

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