Sunday, May 10, 2009

prom 09

now, the next post would be about prom night, which was 2 days after my performance for festival tari.. yes, it was one hectic week for me, thank u!! hehe..

ok, right back to the prom.. i went there
with reena, my sis( which she actually should be sitting with her friends, seriously!), nitasha, martin n ivan.. rema n arun were there too, but they sat at a drifferent table.. =(

started off with getting our hair ready at a salon in summit.. it was a very interesting one, because the guy who did our hair is actually a proffesional hairdresser, and he did a lot of famous local celebrities' hair.. ooo.. i like.. it's like i'm a very famous person all of a sudden.. hehe..
i didn't do much with my hair except for straightening it.. hihi..

not a very good picture of me actually, but the important thing is the hair.. hehe

after getting our hair done, me n my sis went to reena's house to get ready.. it was pretty late actually cos what's with the traffic jam around 6 in subang.. OMG!! luckily we made it on time.. n luckily we managed to get ready on time..

funny thing atreena's place was when we're leaving.. there's some relatives at her place, and when we went down, everyone was say
ing they all look good and stuff like that.. it felt really like prom night, where ur parents were vey proud of their daughter or son going to go for prom,and taking pics and all.. haha.. don't get me wrong.. it was a good feeling.. hehehe...

and then when we arrived there, people started to register theirselves at the counter, and acir helped us with the registration thing, cos the event was about to start...

me n ivan, oh with reena at the back.. people say if reena was not at the back it will be a great pic.. lol.. sorry reena.. =p

martin got lucky that night.. lol.. JK!!

and when we went in, we get in our seats.. too bad nits and martin was at a different table from us, which was right behind us.. huhuhu.. but, luckily, there's two empty seats at our table, so they join in our table.. yeay!!! muahahah..

so, then it's time for food.. they served chinese food,
which was superb.. the food was awesome.. but too bad we were not really into eating that night.. of course, it's prom, baby!! we wanna dance.. lol


oh there's this one time, a band, i can't recall what they are called, but they were playing dancing in the moonlight.. and that was my all time favourite song, seriously!!!! everytime i listened to that song, i can get butterflies.. hahaha.. so, me n ivan was super excited listening that song,and so ivan suggested that we go to the dance floor and dance.. screw the food! lol

and it was awesome.. the feeling at that time.. not really good in ballroom dancing and stuff like that, but what the heck.. luckily not many people were watching.. hehe..

after that song, we got back to our seats, and the wole nig
ht was more about taking pics and less of eating.. hahaha..

ok, so here's some of my favourite shots during that event..

us girls~ looking deliciously gorgeous... lol..

us~loving this pic cos it looks like some CK ad campaign.. hmmm.. and some say it can be a cover album for our band.. haha...dream on! ~edited by ivan

another CK ad campaign, perhaps..?? lol..

overall, the whole night was an awesome night.. went to MOS after the prom, cos we got free access tickets.. woohoo..
so, the place were filled with mmu students wearing dresses, coats, shirts, and evrything formal.. lol..
one great night.. thanks to my sis, nits,reena, martin, ivan, rema, arun, acir, losh and everyone i know there.. thanks for being there and make this fun event even more exciting.. =)

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