Saturday, May 16, 2009

a week to remember

i'll start off this time with a long sigh.. *siiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhh*..
it's been a very..very..long week for me.. been studying in the library this whole week.. (really..?? study..?? lol).. well, a part from studying of course there's some reason for it.. lol

yes, like i told u guys before about this "anuar zain" guy.. well, i guess, today is the last day for me to see him in campus anymore.. cos he'll be graduating after this.. *sob*sob*.. i don't know just feel like it.. i just feel like i'm not gonna see him anymore.. enough of seeing him every day at the library, but now... *sigh*

i'm neither sad nor happy.. but i don't know.. it felt like the old days again.. when i will have this crush on someone, and normally the crush will occur when i know we will end up going our own separate ways.. like during school time.. i had this so-called get to knwo this guy a few weeks before i'm leaving penang to go back schooling in kl.. n at the end of form 5, i have this huge crush on this guy, and we went our own separate ways after we grad high school.. same goes to foundation year, when i have another huge crush on this one guy, and now, we still see each other around, but not as frequent as last time, and the feelings are obviously over...

and now, right this moment.. why am i in this position over and over again.. i hate to feel this, and i was scared that i will feel like this at the end of the day, eventhough when it started off, it's just a fooling around thng with my sister.. gosh! why did i jump into that mud and got stuck in it alone..???

wait..wait.. let me get this straight.. like i said, i'm not sad, and of course i'm not in a big desperation.. its not to the level of me feeling like crying or whatsoever.. just feel like, well.. there goes my chance of knowing another great guy..

oh, didn't i tell u.. almost half of my sister's classmates know about this so-called crush thing.. well, it's not obvious, but it somehow slip, and voila! everyone knows about it, but him.. ngeh3..

i think for now, what i really wanna say to him is that thank you for making this past few weeks a great one for me.. not great as in like we hang out or anything like that.. but, thanks for making me laugh around, and feel excited about seeing him around.. never felt that for quite some time now, since bgb.. lol..

ok, i've had enough of this melodrama thing.. bac to normal life... ~grrrrrr~

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