Saturday, March 14, 2009

girl's drama

to all the guys out there.. did you know how hard it is to be a girl..?? well, if you really observe girls, i think you'd understand how hard it is to be a girl.. how complicated and unpredictable girls can be..?? ok, complicated n unpredictable, people can still overcome that.. but, how about being emotional..?? wooahh, that's the hardest thing about being a girl maybe.. soemtimes, we didn't even realised we're actually being emotional for no reason... one after another will be your victim of this weird feeling that you have inside.. well, i'm not saying being emotional is bad, but there must be a solid reason for that.. if you don't even know the real situation, and you're just being "dramatic" as i will call it, just because you interpret things wrongly, then don't blame others for that.. one more funny thing about being emotional and dramatic is you'll start cursing and wishing that that other person will feel the same way you feel now, one fine day.. isn't it funny..?? haha.. i find it very amusing.. one good thing about being too emotional is that u will somehow knows other people's sensitivity about stuff.. cos with you being emotional, you can actually know what can make other people feel bad or hurt, cos you'll know that if other people did that to you, you know that it'll hurt.. but, knowing girls, we're just human who are full with envy and jealousy among each others, soooo.. you just screw them for being hurt about what you said.. see, how confusing girls can be.. you don't want people to hurt you, but at the same time, you're actually hurting other people, so that that other people will feel what you feel.. immature.. yes, you can say that too.. but, what can we do, we're just like that.. however, don't just blame others for what you feel or what you do.. look back and think what you've done before this that might hurt other people.. maybe some other people who you've hurt before is not being a drama queen as much as you are, i mean, you are totally in a very different league from all of us, cos the other people you've hurt before this tried to suck it all in, and just forget about it.. no need to brag it out in public... but, just look at the word QUEEN.. queen is the one, no one can disobey them and they'll do whatever they want.. and they can let the whole kingdom know how you feel so, that's how i feel about a drama queen too.. just the same thing, but just more drama.. wooahh, that is a lot more worse than being just a queen.. haha.. drama queen is the ultimate queen.. hahah.. so, drama queens out there, or should i say your highnesses, just take a few minutes to be any ordinary citizen, and look back how other people actually feels.. see, and you say being a girl is much easier than being a guy..!!

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