Monday, February 23, 2009

the day the rain finally arrived...

it was like any other ordinary monday in cyberjaya, where my day is packed with classes from early morning to evening.. thank god, it's a bit windy today, so i didn't feel that hot as much as i felt last few weeks.. before my last lecture class starting, i really did not have the mood to go, and i really took my time going for class.. half way throguh the class, all of a sudded, it was raining heavily outside without any of us in the class realised, cos the door was shut, and there's no window in fomcr.. hehehe.. and suddenly nini got a message from sha, our new roomie(hihihi) that the window at my side of the table in the room was not closed, and my sister's laptop was on the table.. like any other days when it rained in cyber, surely, the rain managed to get through the room, if the window is opened.. so, clearly i couldn't focus in class(well, actually, i never really could focus in that class.. lol) and my sister told me earlier she couldn't get in the room because she got no key to my room.. and my key, without even i realising it, i left it on the table of my study table in my room.. so, it's a bit hectic right that moment.. and i did feel like i wanna ditched the class and get out of the class earlier, cos i really couldn't focus, even before the rain came down.. bt no...i never bother about my instinct right there.. so, because of this hecticness, i decided to walk back to my hostel room, and see how to deal with this problem.. and this was the day when i decided not to drive my car to class.. *sigh* and as i was walking halfway back to hostel, my sis sent a message saying that she managed to enter the room, by asking the people who take care of the hostel thing, for a spare key.. so, since i was already halfway back, i didn't want to go back to class.. of course not, after what i've gone through.. the hardship of going through the rain.. so, as i was walking down the stairs, and i was nearing my hoetle block, that was when the BEST thing happened.. i tripped on the stairs and slide down a few steps of tje stairs on my right ass, and elbow.. my file dropped(thank god i didn;t bring any books), and i helped myself up.. what really pissed me off was that there were a few guys in front of me, and no one even bother to help me.. ok, maybe there's one guy asked me wether i'm ok or not.. the other guy, he just turned, and saw what happened, and turned back again and continue his way back.. the most pissing off moment was that, my file was right beside his leg at that time... gahhh..!! thanks for the help, i guess..!! grrrr.. and i was like in total pain, and i almost cried right that instant, but i managed to suck it in, until when i got back to the room, and saw my sister.. and i couldn't suck it anymore and i burst out crying.. omg!! and it turned out that her laptop was fine, because the curtain helped to cover her laptop from the rain.. and now, my right side ass is super swollen.. i can totally feel the different.. hahaha.. and i couldn't even sit properly, without being very careful..
and when i was in the car, a slight bump will make me screaming out loud.. hahaha.. but it was not a good experience.. what's with the embarassment and the pain.. ughhh..!! i was complaining the whole week last week how cyber is super hot that i couldn't stand it.. and today, when the rain finally came down, i fell on the stairs and hurt myself.. haihh.. so, the moral of the story is, follow your instinct.. if your guts say you should ditch class.. then maybe you really should do that... hmmm..

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