Friday, February 20, 2009

happy belated valentine's day!!!

it's not too late for me to wish everyone a very happy belated valentine's day!!! well, it's actually kind of a bit late right considering it was a week ago.. hahah..
somehow, this year, this 2009, i had THE BEST V-DAY EVER!! thinking back this past few years, i never got lucky on v-day.. i think i had fun on 14th feb was only once, and that was when i was in form 2, which was when i was 14, and which also means, 6 years ago.. so you do the math how not great was my v-day this past few years.. i think v-day was a bit devastating for me last few years, is because i was feeling miserable and i thought a lot of how i don't have a bf on v-day and stuff like that.. but, this year, it's a brand new year, and a brand new spirit baby!! i never felt as this free for like...forever!! hahahaha.. don't get me wrong, it's not like i had a date or something on that day.. well, maybe i did have a date on that day...oh well, i'll get back to that part later.. but the main reason for me to have the best v-day ever in history was because early this year, i made a resolution that i'll just stop being sad and questioning why haven't i found the one for me yet, when every single person around have someone beside them.. i just realised, it was the most tiring and wasting time experience ever.. today, i finally realised that i should enjoy every minute of my singlehood and being with family and friends life, cos who knew what will happen in the future.. it's not like i've given up in guys or anything like that, it's just that i'll just chillout right now.. if the right guy comes around, it'll happen.. if not, i'll just chill some more.. no more looking around, just walk through life without having to stop and look around the bushes to find something that's not there cos it's just a waste of time.. hehehe.. ok, back t the story of why i was happy on 14th feb was because my dad got 2 free tickets to watch the musical theatre of PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG.. i've always wanted to watch that show, but all this while, it got sold out at a nick of time.. and lucky me, my dad got 2 free tix this year, and what's even better was the shoe was on valentine's day!! it was the perfect gift ever..!! haha.. and who was my date to the show..?? duhh!! oviously my sister..!! my older sister i mean.. and i had a very gr8 night that night.. that show, for me, was a very beautiful one.. of course, there's some part when it was a bit too draggy and my sister almost fell asleep, but overall it was a great show.. well, i think one main reason why i love the show was because it brought us through the hardship of true love.. and knowing me, u would know, i have this thing about true love tales and it made me feel...awwwwww... hahaha.. and knowing me as a new person, i didn't feel grawky or anything like that at all.. i just felt that, one fine day, i'll find my own true love,and i'll have my own tale to tell.. hehehe.. for me, it ws one of the best way to celebrate v-day, and i think if they'll have it again next year, i think i'll go again and book the tickets on 14th feb.. by that time, who'll be my date, i don't know just yet.... hmmm... lol.. oh, and apart from that, someone gave me 2 white roses straight from malacca. ok, it's from cameron highlands, but it transit at malacca.. hahaha.. martin gave me the white roses.. weeeeee.. he gave me n reena the white roses.. thanx a lot martin!! really appreciate it.. and eventhough it dried out and died, i still keep it in my room.. hihihii.. so, how much more perfect my v-day can be when i've watched a love saga in theathre , and i've received roses, without even having me to ask for it.. well, not like before this i ever asked anyone to buy for me roses.. wel, maybe once when i was in form 5, when i simply asked a couple of my guy friends to buy me roses instead of chocolates.. lol.. ok, that's it..and as a big lesson for me, i don't need a man, a guy, or a boy to make me feel happy on special occasions.. as long as i have the people i loved all around me, who needs more than that...??

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