Tuesday, June 16, 2009

trouble is a friend of mine! totally!!

this was another incident that really hit my head pretty hard..

my sis and i went to watch JANGAN PANDANG BELAKANG CONGKAK, with two of my sis's friends; mamu n bob.. the movie was absolutely brilliant and fantastic.. it was super hillarious, and i couldn't stop laughing.. too bad it was not a full houe that day, cos it was a morning show.. cos if it was a full house i bet the people will go wild.. haihh.. bt seriously that movie was amazing.. what's with my favourite actor acted in that movie, shaheizy sam.. <3.. *sigh* lol..

the whole story was hilarious!! seriously, i think i don't mind watching it again and again.. so, if u people wanna go and watch that movie, count me in, k! lol

but, that's not what i wanna talked about.. it was what happened after the movie was the interesting part.. and it really ruined my happy moments after watching that show..

after the movie, we went to ikea, to eat at the food court place there.. oh, btw, we watched the movie at cineleisure, so it was just a walking distance to ikea..
so, we went there and had our lunch there.. pretty awesome foods too there in ikea.. hehehe..

after eating, we were just sitting around, talking..and talking.. and sometimes we will go n check out some hot hunks walking past, or just plain sighing when we saw couple who look cute together, with a baby.. oh, how adorable they look.. and that us start wondering, when will our time come to have that happiness.. huhuhu.. but that was not the worst part..

as we were still talking..and talking.. my eyes turned to this one couple walking in the food court.. my heart started pumping really hard, n my blood started to rush in like i really need it as my heart was pumping really hard..

then it hit me that i know that guy!!! he was BGB, walking with another girl into the food court.. then it hit me again, omg, he got a gf!!! or even if she wasn't his gf, i'm sure their totally on a date!

i was in total shock, as i saw them walking and wandering around looking for a place to sit cos it's pretty pack there.. and the whole time i couldn't stop looking at them.. gosh! that really hit me pretty hard..

if u guys couldn't recall who's this BGB, well he's a guy i always had my eyes on since first sem first year.. i don't mean to brag, but according to people around me, he got his eyes on me too.. i mean, just the stare and stuff.. yes, tell me i'm perasan, but that's what i just felt..

BGB had always been in my list, and most of the time, he's always been the only one in my list.. lol.. don't take me wrong here, not that i'm in love with him or whatever.. like i said before, girls are so complicated that having a guy that she can see each day is enough.. not to think about relationships or anything..

oh, nevermind, ignore that list thing.. people will start to think i'm some desperate psycho... lol

so, yeah, in a way, i got broken hearted twice in two weeks, during the two weeks holidays.. first was because of AZ and now BGB..

i have such a great life! trouble is a friend of mine..

so, now i'm trying to get off my hands with all this trouble.. no more having crushes and stuff like that.. ahahahaha..

dates..?? hmm.. i don't mind going on dates, but i'm not gonna hope for anything.. hehehehe

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