Wednesday, June 10, 2009

it's over!!

this past couple of days have been the most nerve-wrecking, unthinkable, crazy days of my life.. it was a very crucial time for me as the results for my final exam, 3rd trimester, first year is coming out..

i was really nervous, cos i felt like i did not performed my best.. made a lot of mistakes in the papers, n some of it i didn't have any confidence at all in answering them..

really felt like i am going to sit for supplementary exam, but alhamdulillah, i passed all the papers.. n that's all i really need..

however, my cgpa dropped again.. from 3.5 to 3.46.. haihh.. it's been dropping each sem now, and it really freaks me out..

but oh well, i did my best i guess, knowing that i tried my best, n i studied really hard for this papers.. mayb i didn't aim that much, that's why i took it less seriously, than before.. huhuhu..

whatever it is, it's all been done, n i'm truly grateful for what i get.. n congrats to my sis too cos she is officially a graduate now!! woohoo!! congrats sis! will be waiting for 080809.. hehehe..

n i'm making a promise to myself that i will work even harder than ever next sem to increase back my cgpa n gpa.. hopefully i will not make it drop again.. n u guys r the witnesses to my promise here..

library n foyer, here i come!!!!! hehehehe

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