Sunday, August 22, 2010

it's a new day.. it's a new's a new life..

well.. well..well.. hello people of the world!!! how are you people.. hihi.. notice i'm being very chirpy and there's no sign of sadness, heartbreak or anything right..?? ngehehehe...

well, damn right i am super happy about stuff.. as a matter of fact, i amsuper happy about everything i have in my life right now.. this is actually by far one of the most greatful ramadhan i've ever had.. hihi...

so, yeah, this post is about brand new spirit in life... people might be asking what happen after the last blog post... do i stop dancing with that man? or do i still dance to the same old tune? or do i finally take one of the guy's hands that was standing at the side..? well, my final answer will be... we're all dancing together to the beat.. confusing eh..? hehhe..

well, let's just say, me n the man that i love.. well, things didn't work out as plan.. were now dancing to a new beat, to a new tune... a surprising turn actually.. but you know what, i am glad that to say that we are finally friends.. yeap, we are back to being friends.. we've talked things through, i've said what i've wanted to say all this while, and he have said what he wanted(i think)..

seriously, our relationship right now is waaay better than what we had before.. no stress, no questioning myself what i did wrong and stuff like that.. stuff that gave stress to myself and the people around me.. some people might not get it, how can we turn into another beat in a split second.. well, let's just say, after talking to each other, i finally know what's our problem..

so, end up, the best way is to be friends, like how we used to be at this time last year.. hihii.. that was the best..!

so, yeah, i am back in the single market... i mean, i'm not that eager to look around.. but i don't mind meeting new people, and date around..i'm not into getting serious with anyone yet.. i mean, this is me talking right now.. can't predict what would happen later, right..? hihi...

so, people!! i am at the highest level of happiness right now.. by breaking up, i actualy didn't lose anything.. as a matter of fact, i got my friend back!! =)

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