Saturday, January 23, 2010

trust vs communication

all these years, i've always thought that TRUST is the most important thing in a relationship.. without trust, everything else will fall apart.. without trust, the slightest and the smallest thing in the world can welcome a huge problem to that couple's life..

whenever my friends come to me and ask my opinion on their relationship problems, i've always said that, trust is the most important thing.. when they do not give 100% trust to their partner, suspicions starts rolling in, and thus, fight will occur in the relationship..

n till today, i've always believe in that theory.. and that is what i've gambled in my relationship right now... 100% if not more trust to my partner.. and that is why i've been seen as a very laid back gf, and sometimes people might think that i don't care about my bf, which was totally the opposite thing.. of course i care about him, but that is the way of me expressing it, by giving him the full freedom of what he wants to do and what he does not want to do..AS LONG AS he knows his priorities and also my status in his life..

but after today, i think i might have a different perception on the most important thing in one relationship.. instead of putting trust as the number one key to a healthy relationship, COMMUNICATION plays a significant role as well..

i think what i'm lacking now is communication.. when there's no communication, u keep on keeping in what you feel about certain things.. when you keep it in, when the same thing occur over and over again, u can't help but to feel like ur heart is swelling by the minute.. and i'm sure at one point, when u really can't take it, everything will be exploded and the world war history will come to live again..

not that you have to tell every single thing that you feel inside you.. there are things that you need to learn to give and take.. you can't expect our partner to be the most perfect person in the world, and so does your partner towards you.. there are things you can just let it go, and take it as his/her unique side, and there are things that you need to speak out when you know it might get worse later on..

and it will be even funnier and weird, when what you are feeling right now is also felt by your partner.. and you only knew on what he/she feels from a mutual friend of both of you.. it is just another proof that both of you are not communicating well.. so, SPEAK OUT, will you!!!

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