Monday, January 4, 2010


2010 is finally here, baby!!!! woot!woot! too bad didn't get to celebrate it in kl, because of kak nisa's wedding in terengganu on the 1st of january.. (congrats on ur wedding!!) well, for this new year, it would be great to have new resolutions for myself.. thinking back on last year's resolutions, well, yes, i did not fulfill the resolutions.. but it's for the best, and i have a better life when i did not fulfill the resolutions.. lol.. for this year, hmm.. i have a few of it.. and here it goes...

1. to stay loyal in the relationship i'm in.... *booboo*

2. to score better in exams.. n not take anything or granted in my studies..

3. to have the best n enjoying year of my life.. without forgettin my 2nd resolution..

4. try to lose a couple of pounds.. hihihi..

there's more points actually, but these are the main ones, n it should run through all year long... hoping that i won't be forgetting this..


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