Monday, February 21, 2011

the future

life is a total puzzle.. you don't know what will happen next in your life.. it's soo confusing if you think too much of it. soo.. the best thing is to just sit back relax and take it all in... BUT at the same time, try and see if you can manage to figure it out on your way to getting the missing pieces in the puzzle..

and that is what i'm going through right now.. long distance relationship is really not my thing.. and i really do not have any clue when will this kind of relationship ends. so far, what we are trying to do is act like it's just another sem break, so we're apart for a few weeks.. but hopefully, it won't turn to be a very loooong 'sem break'...

i hate the feeling of missing him too much... it's like i can't do anything about it. i can't just see him whenever i want, and i can't see his face and touch him and feel the warmth of his hands.. huhuhu.. LDR sucks.. and with the people around us who have been together for a long time, and they broke up just because of this LDR thing, it's killing me and worrying me.. it's not that i'm not trusting him and it's not that he doesn't trust me.. it's just that i just hate to be apart from him..

yes, i have to admit, i am being too clingy with him, because he showed me what it was to care for someone and be there for you through your worst condition and your most gorgeous and beautiful moments.

ok, thinking about him and writing this on the blog making me missing a lil bit more.. NOT HELPING AT ALL..!! lol.. ok bye!

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